This is my sweet 5 year old son Owen.

He is super fun, intelligent, sweet, even-tempered, easy-going, and an all around great kid.

But he is not very graceful :)

He runs like a baby elephant. He stomps more than steps. And he has a voice that positively booms.

And yesterday? He ran right THROUGH our screen door.

Without opening it first.

The poor child looked so shocked.

He said "I've never broken a door before" and burst into tears.

I felt so bad for the little guy!

But if it had been caught on film we totally could have sold it to one of those "funniest home video" shows :)


Amanda Daybyday said…
Nate's the same way! Constantly hurting himself the poor little guy. Is it something about middle children?
Chris said…
my little boy is like that too... poor boy!

i have an award for you at http://www.mommyjourney.com/2009/06/old-and-new-treasures.html

hope you grab it!
Amanda said…
I think it's cause they are always growing. Whenever Ethan is tripping over his own feet I tell him he is growing and he is just getting used to his new feet!!!
Colleen said…
Awww, poor kid! Did you keep a straight face or crack up immediately?
By the way, Tara, he is SO cute. Those eyes! .... um wait, yeah those are YOUR eyes. :)

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