This is my sweet 5 year old son Owen.

He is super fun, intelligent, sweet, even-tempered, easy-going, and an all around great kid.

But he is not very graceful :)

He runs like a baby elephant. He stomps more than steps. And he has a voice that positively booms.

And yesterday? He ran right THROUGH our screen door.

Without opening it first.

The poor child looked so shocked.

He said "I've never broken a door before" and burst into tears.

I felt so bad for the little guy!

But if it had been caught on film we totally could have sold it to one of those "funniest home video" shows :)


Unknown said…
Nate's the same way! Constantly hurting himself the poor little guy. Is it something about middle children?
Chris said…
my little boy is like that too... poor boy!

i have an award for you at http://www.mommyjourney.com/2009/06/old-and-new-treasures.html

hope you grab it!
Amanda said…
I think it's cause they are always growing. Whenever Ethan is tripping over his own feet I tell him he is growing and he is just getting used to his new feet!!!
Colleen said…
Awww, poor kid! Did you keep a straight face or crack up immediately?
By the way, Tara, he is SO cute. Those eyes! .... um wait, yeah those are YOUR eyes. :)

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