when daddy is away

Doug is away for a few days for some meetings so of course things have been a little weird in our house. Aiden gets super stressed when Doug is away and when he is stressed he has nightmares. Last night he had 4 standing-on-his-bed-screaming-in-fear nightmares. And the screaming? totally freaks me out. SO I didn't sleep too well either last night because I had trouble falling back asleep after each nightmare-episode. Poor kid. I even had to completely change his beddign at one point because he was SURE that the cars on his quilt were actually bugs. That would freak me out too! I am really hoping for a better sleep tonight.

Aiden got a package of letters in the mail from his old classmates and a card from his buddy Liam which is so very sweet of them to send... I read Liam's card to him and got half way through one letters and Aiden burst into tears. He was sobbing because he misses his friends so much. Breaks my heart. I keep asking if he wants me to read the rest of the letters to him and he says no because "it hurts too much". Seriously, how sad is that.

Owen has been a little out of sorts too with daddy gone. He had a terrible time falling asleep tonight and usually he goes to sleep with zero difficulties.

Olivia fell asleep on my lap so I just left her there while I watched the season finale of Grey's Anatomy... wow... sad.

And did I mention I woke up to SNOW on the ground this morning?? Ya. SNOW. In MAY. That is just gross and wrong.

Here's to hoping for a better nights sleep for EVERYONE and a SNOW-FREE day tomorrow. I really need some spring!


the Doug said…
I miss you guys too. Soon though...
bless your heart. I wish I could come and let you get a nap.
OH, and I haven't seen the finale!!! heck, I don't even know which episode we're on here...

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