Remember last week when I told you all about the horrendous trip to the doctor's office? And remember how the boys behaved so hideously that the doctor referred us to a pediatrician? Remember how I was mortified but happy to get the referral?

Well usually a referral takes a long long looonnngggg time to happen in our life and it usually takes several months until an appointment actually happens. Well apparently the fact that my children went nuts in front of that poor doctor was actually a good thing... I got a call today from the incredibly-hard-to-get-in-to-see visiting Pediatrician and he is willing to see Aiden and Owen TOMORROW!!! It seems he took one look at the boys' charts with the referral note and decided we needed to be seen in a hurry.

See? I TOLD you I wasn't exaggerating. My boys really did go nuts.

I wonder what that doctor wrote on their file?

I can imagine it now...

" INSANE children with some sort of mental issues clearly need further assessment as soon as possible before mother loses mind"

or maybe just

"These people seriously need help"

Whatever he said worked so thank-you very much doctor!

I am very relieved because we have been having a really tough time with Aiden for the past week or so. He is angry and frustrated and volatile and I don't know what is going on. He has been doing so well and now it's just crazy. It hurts my heart to see him this way and it makes me feel so helpless because I just don't know how to help him.

Have I mentioned lately that I passionately hate Autism? Because I do. I really really do.

My son is a beautiful, wonderful kid and doesn't deserve this crap.

But hey, things are moving along here. We have the pediatrician apt. Friday at 8:30 am and then next week Doug and I have the apt with the assessment centre and hopefully things will move quickly from there.

I've mentioned before that most of the folks that assessed Aiden in Saskatchewan (where we used to live) think he has Aspergers Syndrome... or maybe PDD-NOS (pervasive development disorder- not otherwise specified) which are both on the Autism Spectrum. They all said Aiden doesn't fit nicely into any category and would need further assessment. SO here in our new location we have to re-do the whole assessment thing from start to finish... wouldn't it be typical if they decide it is something completely different?

"Oh, ya, sorry Mrs. Robertson. We were totally just kidding about the whole Autism thing. He's completely normal. You just suck as a parent. Have a nice day!"

Ahhhh, the joy of paranoia.

Feel free to pray our appointment goes well Friday morning :)


Amanda Daybyday said…
Yay for the appointment!!! I'm so glad you've gotten in so quickly. And I LOVE your paranioa. Love it. Made me laugh (because I know it's not true). I hope it goes well tomorrow and you get the help you need.
Kelly said…
I hope you get some answers that help you help him
Margaret said…
SO glad to hear that things are moving along for you guys! Will be praying about the appointments.

And as far as I can tell from a distance - you are a great mom!!
Becky said…
She is a great Mom, I saw it in person and I am glad the pediatrician can see the boys today. I am wishing for a solution of some kind for you all.

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