SO apparently all it takes to get an "official diagnosis" is to see the right doctor.

We had another pediatrician apt today for Aiden. Our pediatrician where we used to live wrote to this guy personally and asked him to see us... three cheers for personal favours people! This guy is retiring soon so he wasn't accepting any new patients. Our old pediatrician had sent the new pediatrician all of our forms and files and assessments etc. and this doctor amazingly enough had actually read the whole pile BEFORE seeing us!

We walked in and he basically said he had read everything and talked to our old pediatrician. He asked us a few questions and asked why we had not gotten an "official diagnosis" yet. I said no one seemed willing to actually give us one and he said...

" Well, I'll give you one!" ... oh those are beautiful words people.

He said it was clear from our enormous file that Aiden falls somewhere on the autism spectrum. He said that there are very subtle differences between Asperger's and Pervasive Development Disorder but that in the long run it really didn't matter which one he has. He told me it will make zero difference in his treatment, in funding, in schooling, in anything so there is no point waiting for the exact label in order to diagnose the obvious problem.

Then he pulled out a piece of paper and wrote us an official diagnosis letter.

Aiden officially has Autism and ADHD. We've known that unofficially for ages... even though it has been rather hotly debated as of late... so we aren't surprised. But it IS a relief to have something official.

Just like that.

I could barely believe it. I wanted to hug that beautiful white-haired doc!

He told me he would write a few letters on our behalf to get things moving and send the OTHER pediatrician that we saw his file and diagnosis with the official letter and hopefully that would pave the way for us. He is also sending a letter to the school for their records.

It was amazing.

He told us to come back in a couple months and if Aiden gets sick or anything in the meantime to just call his office and we can go in THAT DAY to see him. THAT DAY!!!!

Can I just say it is a flippin' tragedy this doctor is retiring in a few months???

I think I might still be in a little bit of shock!

Oh... and the folks we are renting our house from are wanting to sell it and the real estate agent called and wants to show the house tomorrow.

Can I just say if this house sells right away and we have to move in the next couple months I may have a complete nervous breakdown??? I have barely recovered from moving IN to this house a couple months ago... I just can't move again so soon.... please God don't make me move again yet.


Amanda Daybyday said…
I was all getting ready to right something til I read the final part. But let's talk about the first news first...


Second...they're selling so soon after getting new renters? That's kinda dirty. Woulda been nice to have the warning before you moved in. I think I'd have a breakdown too. Let's hope it doesn't sell.
Kelly said…
I'm glad you finally have an official final diagnosis. I hope tihs helps the treatment move along. Hopefully with the slow market your house won't sell right away
Emily B said…
Glad to hear you have the diagnosis in hand! And best of luck with the house... who knows, with every setback comes opportunity!
Dakotapam said…
I'm so glad that you got that diagnosis, especially since it was something you knew anyway. I will keep your housing situation in my prayers, we have been in that position and it stinks. We even were in a parsonage once that the church kept talking about selling...while we were living in it!
Hallelujah!!! YEAH your team!!!!!

I am thrilled for you. Now get ready for the downhill part of that huge hill you've been climbing.

Judy said…
Talk about Good New/Bad News!

I am happy you found a doctor who CARES. Makes me want to cry for joy.

And, I cannot BELIEVE your landlord would do that to such new tenants. How much will he give you if you don't mention the flood?
Becky said…
Oh Tara I am so happy for you, it has been such a long journey. I am so grateful that God gave you an older experienced man for this practical diagnosis on his part...he could cut through all the info and get to the real issue. Blessings on him. And now I pray the rest of the needs will start to be met in Aiden's life. Miss you all.
I'm so happy to hear you have a definitive answer regarding your son. I so know that feeling! Best wishes to you in all your therapies!!

As to your landlord- NO COOL - SO NOT NICE!!!!!!!!
Woo Hoo - I am SO glad that you guys finally have an official diagnosis!! But not so glad that your landlord might sell your house - I hope it takes a really long time to sell. LOL :)
Margaret said…
Huge item of praise here!!!

Also - you guys are in my prayers about the house :)

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