Sunday School Craft

Thanks to MomFuse I was recently introduced to Creativity for Kids - a website that has absolutely HUNDREDS of fun crafty things for kids to do. Seriously, this site has WAY more than I could ever tell you about in this blog post. They have kits to make everything from scrapbooks to lip-balm!

I was sent some "Plaster Pals" to try out with my kids. These super cute animals come with all the supplies your child needs to paint and decorate them.

I brought the "Plaster Pals" to church and used them with my Children's Church class. The kids were able to choose either an Owl, Frog, or Butterfly.

The kids all had so much fun decorating them! It was the perfect craft to do because I didn't need to bring anything extra and each child had their own animal, paint, paint brush, glue and extras included in the box.

All of the kids had fun doing it too. Just look at the concentration...

The supplies included made it very easy for each child to personalize their Plaster Pal however they liked. Even kids who choose to do the same animal could make them look very different!
And here are our lovely unique creations...
Aren't those just those most fascinating Owls, Frogs, and Butterflies you have ever seen? :)

I love watching kids create. Each child is so unique and their individuality sure comes out in their creations!

If you are looking for crafty things to do with your own children at home, at birthday parties or other functions, or kids in your classroom than definitely check out!


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