Celebrating 35 years of DOUG!

Today is my wonderful husband's 35th birthday and so to honour him I will tell you 35 things you should know about my man...

1. He is a wonderful Daddy and I LOVE that about him!

2. My daughter has him wrapped around her little finger :)
3. He hates mornings. Passionately. He is a night owl and if you try and have any sort of real conversation with him first thing in the morning you should expect it to be forgotten. BUT he has always gotten up with our kids first thing in the morning (most of the time anyway). We decided when Aiden was a newborn that I would get up in the middle of the night (because I am never able to sleep through awake-kids) and he would then get up first thing and let me sleep for an hour or two so I could function. Since one (or more) of my kids STILL get up in the night- every night- he still gets up with the boys at 6 ish am so I can wait to get up until Olivia does. I really appreciate it.
4. He does his very best to understand our son Aiden's special needs and learn to parent him better.
5. He is a tad on the ADD side of things and very rarely does ONE thing at a time. Focus is not his strong point.
6. He is definitely the "fun" parent of the two of us. He really plays with the kids.
7. He is a technology nerd. He loves gadgets and he can figure stuff out lightyears ahead of me.
8. He is very creative.
9. He barely ever gets mad at me. Which is amazing considering how emotional and illogical I am at times.
10. He loves people. He is the most social person I have ever known and it amazes me.
11. He has adjusted HUGE parts of his life and being to fit with me and he really does try to understand me.
12. He is an outdoorsey type fellow but is, unfortunately, allergic to outside. Ok, not ALL of outside... just trees, grass, pollen, and anything else that grows in the great outdoors.
13. He loves camping and really wants to go camping this summer. He is not nearly as afraid of bugs and being cold as I am.
14. He is an amazing cook. MUCH better than I am. So much so that my kids call him a chef. I love that my boys are going to grow up knowing there is nothing wrong with the husband cooking!
15. He has wonderful laugh lines that crinkle around his eyes and show how often he is smiling.
16. He is a naturally positive person and evens out my natural pessimism nicely.
17. He loves to snuggle with the kids. He gives lots of hugs and tells them he loves them all the time. I LOVE that.
18. He takes dozens of pictures of himself making weird expressions while he practices various photography skills. He also does an excellent Jedi pose. I find this fascinating.
19. He has perfected the art of Jedi fighting whilst carrying a baby on your hip. Excellent skill to have in our family.
20. He loves to take the kids swimming.
21. He actually doesn't mind the cold weather and despite the fact that I have significantly more padding than he does he is still never as cold as me.
22. He can eat triple the amount of food I do and yet I am the one to gain all the weight and even though I am definitely NOT the same size that I was 10 years ago when we got married he still calls me beautiful.
23. He never looks uncomfortable or awkward with the kids. Parenthood has always suited him and he adjusted to it pretty smoothly.
24. He has always shared the parenting with me. He has never been one of those "taking care of the kids is the woman's job" men and I so appreciate that.
25. When Aiden was little and I was mired in post partum depression he stood by me through it all. That is amazing.
26. He's not going bald, he just likes keeping his hair short so he doesn't have to actually DO anything with it. And he is making atonement for his unfortunate highschool mullet.
27. He is an excellent pastor because he really DOES care about people.
28. He is significantly more observant about things around him than I am. He notices way more about the scenery or signs on buildings etc. than I ever do.
29. He takes people at face value. He completely believes you when you tell him something. So if you say you are fine he will actually believe you.
30. He is very accepting and non-judgemental. After all, he IS married to me.
31. He loves his camera. He loves to take pictures. It is his hobby and his stress-reliever. And he is really good at it. You can see his photoblog HERE.
32. He is a pretty good teacher too and is slowly teaching me about photography.
33. He remembers WAY more from our bible school classes than I do even though I got significantly higher grades than he did. Go figure.
34. He is a wonderfully steadying influence on me.
35. He loves me and he is all mine :)
Happy birthday honey, I love you!


Carrie said…
Love the pictures- your husband sounds like a really great guy. Happy birthday to him!
this was very sweet and touching - you should make a blurb book for him with this!
Amanda Daybyday said…
He IS a great guy!
Happy birthday Doug! Hope it's a great one.
That is beautiful! I love the jedi pose.

Happy birthday Doug!
the Doug said…
The mullet was AWESOME!!!
But out of love and respect for you it shall remain in the past...
Thank you love, you're my favorite!
What a beautiful tribute to your lucky man:) Your pictures are so wonderful.
Great pictures!!

I laughed at your "considering how emotional and illogical I am at times". I can completely relate!! Seriously! LOL
debrowns said…
I personally believe the mullet picture should make an appearance on this site. I hear wordless Wednesday is coming up and the picture of Doug's mullet that I remember says way more than a thousand words. Just my opinion :)

Anonymous said…
Wow this is really a beautiful gift of love - you're both so blessed! Doug is certainly a treasure.

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