words fail

What can I possibly say that would adequately describe my day??

Both of my sons are still VERY sick. They stayed home from school today. We have been giving them asthma breathing treatments on the nebulizer machine every 4 ish hours, interspersed with inhaler use and over-the-counter cough medicine. It is now 11pm and I can still hear them both croupy coughing in their beds. I hate how helpless I feel.

I had a bright spot this afternoon when I got to visit with a couple new friends here. We drank tea and talked and that was great.

But then when I got home I checked my email and someone hacked into my email account WHILE I WAS ON IT and deleted all of my files & emails... luckily they didn't empty the trash bin so I was able to retrieve most all of my emails but it sure was scary. I sat their watching my email account go blank. It honestly made me feel light-headed and dizzy... which sounds stupid since it is just email but in case you haven't noticed I do a fair number of reviews and giveaways on this blog... and ALL of that information is in my email. Not to mention the fact that most of my friends are scattered hither and yon and my email is my link to them. I'd really be in a lot of trouble if my email dissappeared. I'm thinking I should come up with a back-up plan now.

And then of COURSE the hacker also hacked into my paypal account and stole some money. I'm sure he was very disappointed once he got in there to realize I'm broke and don't have much. He took my $50 though. Jerk.

So now I've changed every password for every account I have and hopefully that will get rid of him... at least until I can come up with another back up plan.

I spent most of the day listening to my sons cough while I tried to re-sort hundreds of emails into folders. The fun just never stops around here.

We think my sons' are getting sicker because of something that is happening here in our new town. There have been a few suggestions- snow mold, some undiagnosed allergy to something around here that wasn't in our old town, or perhaps the paper mill pollution. I called our asthma/allergy specialist where we used to live and asked him to refer us to someone here. Of course the closest specialist is 4ish hours away but it is vital we get to a specialist soon. This simply cannot keep happening every other week. It is not good for the boys to be having this much massive meds just to keep breathing.

And all those lovely prescription refills we got today? Several of them have to be ordered in to our pharmacy. So it's a darn good thing we asked for them today because I THINK the meds we have will last us until Wednesday when the new meds come in.

Aiden turns 7 on Thursday. I really really really hope he and Owen are all better by then. And that Olivia and I avoid getting this round of breathing-torture. Doug usually manages to stay healthy because he is the only one with non-compromised lungs in our family. Of course he is allergic to grass and trees and essentially the great out-doors so he is tortured in his own special way.

I'm really tired. I'm hoping to get more than 3 hours of sleep tonight.

Prayers are definitely appreciated.


Amanda Daybyday said…
Gosh Tara...that's really brutal. I hope today is a better day. And that you get into the specialist soon.
Su-Ann said…
Tara, Try putting just saline in your neb masks, and let that run for the kids between Ventolins. The extra humidity helps with the cough. I do it all the time on kids on the plane... I run the saline for an hour at a time.
Margaret said…
I am so sorry to hear of your struggles. I am praying for you and your kidlets.

I do know that there are totally different allergens out there. Tom had asthma in Ontario and hasn't had it since we left.
that bites! how did that happen? is there even a way to know?
That's terrible!! I can't even imagine, I am so sorry!

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