this is the song that never ends it just goes on and on my friend

I have had the nastiest headache for the past FIVE days... it varies from mild nagging annoyance to raging migraine-why-won't-it-stop strength and I have NO idea where it is coming from.

Usually my bad ones are caused by msg ingestion, or my cycle, or being overly stressed or tired... but none of that is the case right now. Although the headache IS making me increasingly stressed and less likely to have a good sleep.

In any case it is definitely affecting my ability to write clever posts.


I'm going to go knock back a few more advil and hope my stomach survives. I hate taking pills.


I pray you feel better soon!! :)
You still have it? Oh you poor dear! May your kids treat with you with extra kindness and may your husband have time to let you relax and get rid of that darn thing!
kalea_kane said…
Oh sweetie, I am so sorry. That is the worst! I really am so sorry. Sending some prayers your way.

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