Sunday night Asthma fest

I mentioned many times before that my sons' have asthma (which they got from me of course) and I hate it. Stupid nasty asthma.

Both boys have had pretty bad asthma forever but it has jumped in intensity since we moved a couple months ago. Especially for Owen.

Both boys have been struggling since Friday and tonight I had to give them both their "mask" again. Nebulizers are a wonderful thing by the way. It steams their meds into their lungs (sort of) which usually makes them work a lot better.

Owen actually asked for his tonight. Usually I have to fight him to get him to do it... which just shows how much worse his breathing is these days.

Aiden has had to endure "the mask" dozens and dozens of times so he is more used to it. Unfortunately. No kid should be used to it.

We only have a little bit of meds left so I am hoping what we have on hand will get us to the apt we have with the nurse practitioner... then she can prescribe us more (in theory). We really don't like to be without it.


Lisa-MomDot said…
Aww Im sorry to hear that your boys are not doing well. As a mom of 2 children with asthma I know what you are going through. I agree with you about the mask treatment it works great, I wish I could get the doctors here to understand that , My youngest is 22 months and they wont put her on the mask , Im just using the chamber ! I personally dont think that they get enough out of the chamber and the mask works better ! Hope your boys feel better soon.
Heidi said…
Sorry to hear your boys are not feeling well!
Do you think it might have to do with the environmental changes from the move? My niece had Asthma problems as well and her Dr. asked for her house to be tested for mold and such things that can sometimes trigger her attacks, since they took care of those issues she has been doing really well.
Not saying it's the same with your boys but it might be worth looking into.
We'll be praying for them and I hope they start breathing better soon!
Amanda Daybyday said…
Poor kids! I remember when Finn had to be on the nebulizer. She was too young for the mask...but it did really seem to help her.

Love you.
Anonymous said…
Yes, this climate does seem to bring more need for inhalers. Thank God my asthma has settled down now, but when we first moved here, I honestly felt like I was back in New Westminster with all the pollution, yet our air here is so sweetly pure. I think that when we finally get summer everyone will be feeling so much better, and the remnants of all that snow mould will be gone. I love you, and am praying for you. Love, Mom

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