A note to Aaron from Aiden

This post is a special request from my son Aiden. He has asked me to write about a special friend of his. Back in our "old town" where we used to live (like a month ago) my son Aiden had a very good friend named Aaron. Aiden is 6 and Aaron is 10 years older but my son couldn't have cared less about the age difference. In Aiden's mind Aaron is his buddy. Now we were especially blessed because Aaron is not your typical teenager. He was amazingly wonderful with my son. Aaron was patient and kind no matter how crazy Aiden acted and no matter how often Aiden invaded Aaron's personal space. He treated Aiden with respect and tried really hard to understand my son and his special needs. He would come over and babysit for us just because he was nice. He would make time to play with Aiden even when I'm certain he would have rather been hanging out with friends his own age.

Every time we saw Aaron he made time for Aiden and made Aiden feel special.

We really really really miss Aaron.

The longer we are here the more obvious it is just how special the Aaron-Aiden relationship was. And so for that reason I would like to say THANK-YOU AARON! You rock.

I mean really... how many teenagers do you know that would be willing to go trick-or-treating with a six year old?

And Aaron? Aiden says that he misses you lots and is sad to be so far away. He would like you to come over and play star wars. He wants you to know that we got a Wii and we have Lego Indiana Jones and you could play and he would even let you be Indiana Jones. He also says you can bring Josiah and Angelle because he misses them too. (And feel free to bring your folks too :) ).


Anonymous said…
What a fine young person. It has become unusual to connect with people outside your age group. But just see how much it means. Aiden will always remember him, and likely have him as a role model, even if the contacts are not frequent.

I believe that really young ones are learning to make friends, lasting friends, and need a variety of people that they can create a special connection with, in the safety of family.

G. on the coast
Aaron said…
hey its aaron :D my mom showed me this and thank you guys very much:) you can tell aiden and the whole family i miss them lots. you can tell aiden that that is very cool that he got a wii:D

To Aiden: i hope you are enjoying it:) and i would be delighted to play indiana jones with you :D and maybe sometime we will come there but i dont really know:P i love you lots bud :)

hopefully we will see you guys sometime soon:) we all miss you greatly! and love you all:)

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