It is pretty much the middle of the night here.

I had to take my son Owen to the hospital tonight. He has asthma and chronic croup and it hit him hard and he was having trouble breathing and it was freaking him out... and me too. The hospital was very nice and gave him super-drugs and meds through a nebulizer (mask thing that sort of steams the drugs into their lungs). When the nurse pulled out the nebulizer Owen said "Hey- my brother Aiden has one of those at home and I guess I caught his cough and so now I have to use it too".

I think the nurse was a bit surprised that we actually OWN a nebulizer machine. Usually it is Aiden that needs it though.

Have I mentioned lately that I hate asthma? Cuz I do. And I also hate croup. Stupid chronic croup.

Owen is doing ok now, asleep but still coughing sporadically. I really should be asleep too.

But like a moron I checked my facebook and watched a video of my friend Becky and her family doing their Easter egg hunt... and then I couldn't stop crying for ages.

There was something about actually seeing them all talking and laughing that made me acutely aware that they are hundreds of miles away and I am only seeing them via this computer... not in real life.

But thank-you God for this computer and the ability to see it at all... so much better than the "old days" of having to write letters and wait a zillion years to hear anything.

All of today didn't suck. We actually had a really nice Easter "service" out at a church families' acreage. It was a gorgeous day (plus 7 degrees Celsius or 44 degrees Farenheit.. which really is gorgeous for here this time of year... trust me) and we all had brunch there and my husband read the Easter passages from Scripture. It was good. Probably the best Easter church thing I've ever been to. I loved sitting on the deck in the sunshine enjoying the almost-spring-like weather and getting to share a meal with people instead of a regular church service. It seemed like much more of a celebration to me that way. Of course we are a pretty small church right now so things like that are actually possible. Much easier to do with 50 than 200.

Although apparently the almost-spring-like weather was a bit too much for Owen's lungs to handle today. Poor kid.

And poor little Olivia... she went outside to play with the other kids and then someone came in and told us she was upset. So we go outside and she is soaking wet "trapped" in the snow in a patch of trees wailing... I have no idea how she got there or where the kids who were "watching" her went but she was ok. Just wet. And cold. Doug rescued her and she fell asleep in my arms as soon as she was warm and dry again.

So I am off to bed... much later than I should be. Trying to stop worrying about Owen even though he is still coughing harshly and trying to stop crying about how much I miss Becky.

I'm very thankful Jesus died and rose again... it means I don't have to go through hard stuff on my own. And neither does anyone else. And our lives aren't just some sort of cosmic joke. Even when things suck. There IS a point to all of this... whether I see it or not.

Happy Easter everyone :)


Nessa said…
I hope Owen gets all better soon.

I understand about misiing your friends. My best friend lives 2500 miles away and I miss her so badly that it hurts at times.

Sending you hugs & warm thoughts
I hope he feels better soon.

I LOVE having the internet to stay connected with old friends.
Dakotapam said…
I hope Owen is feeling better.

My Owen had RSV and croup as an infant, no fun, but I'm glad he's beenfine since.

One of the hardest part about being a PW is that you end up so far from friends...and during holidays it stings even more.

We still have a small congregation, so it was nice to have everyone over to breakfast after church. In a few years that won't be so possible, unless we get a much bigger house!
Amanda Daybyday said…
Hugs, my friend. Wish I could be there. The fact that there is a point to all this is I think what's getting me through it all. Thank God for that! I'm praying. Love you.
jceko77 said…
I hope your son is feeling better. We had a good Easter. First church with my inlaws and nephew, and then to my inlaws for Easter dinner and an egg hunt. Unfortunatley I have a bully for a niece who always picks on my daughter because she is little for her age. So other than Ana crying and upset after 3 hours at my inlaws, things were good:)

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