I hate murphy and his stupid no good law.

Have you ever noticed that children get miraculously better the minute the doctor walks in the room? It drives me crazy.

Aiden had a fever of 104.5 and both boys had to have mega-meds all night long just to keep breathing ok... but apparently waiting at the hospital in a teeny tiny room for 2 hours to see a doctor heals my children just long enough to make me look like an over-protective paranoid mother. Perfect.

The doctor just sighed and told me everything looks ok.

I started to twitch.

Luckily for him he seemed to recognize a mother-on-the-edge and graciously refilled our prescriptions so that when it INEVITABLY happens again (like an hour after getting home from the hospital) I will be able to treat my sons at home and won't have to go back to the hospital in a crazed rage.


Unknown said…
Stupid Murphy...
Amanda said…
Ontario is humid, and I'm sure that is not helping things for your boys. Is there anything enviromentaly with your house that may be irritating the boys asthma? Glad to hear you got your med refils.
Anonymous said…
Oh Sweetie, when your kids are sick Murphy's Law kicks in big time. I remember the frustration of that as well, and how they thought I was over-protective - which you KNOW I'm not!!! Sure hope you catch up on some sleep tonite. Love, Mom

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