Happy Birthday Aiden!

The video is all pictures taken in Aiden's first 18 months of life. I can't believe my firstborn is 7 years old!

Seven things I love about Aiden:

1. He lives life passionately and fully and rarely holds back.

2. He has a wonderful sense of humour and his laugh is completely contagious.

3. He gives me wonderful hugs and I love that he is still willing to snuggle with me once in awhile.

4. He has endured his struggles with asthma incredibly well. He is strong.

5. He can be so sweet. He brings me wild flowers and other "presents" he finds when he is playing outside. I cherish those dandelions :)

6. He is incredibly smart.

7. Aiden changed my life completely when he arrived. He made me into a mom. He has taught me an awful lot in his short life!

Happy Birthday Aiden, I love you SO much!


Becky Mayerle said…
Seeing those pictures made me sad and I just want to say that I miss you all.
OnlinePublicist said…
I'm late on this (as usual!) but I had to stop by and wish both Aiden and you (since you did all the work) a very Happy Birthday!! ;-)

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