good news

This ridiculous headache is still raging but I wanted to share some exciting news- I managed to get Aiden and I an appointment with a nurse practitioner in a few weeks! As some of you know we have been unable to find a family doctor since we moved. There is a health care crisis going on in Canada right now and in our particular town there are no doctors who are taking new patients. None. The only option is to go to the walk-in clinic or emergency. Those options are just fine if we are sick. BUT Aiden and I both have issues that need regular monitoring and we really need a family doctor for that.

ANYWAY I have been trying to get an apt with ANYONE for weeks and finally today I got through! So we get to see the nurse practitioner- Aiden in 2 weeks and me in 6 weeks. She can get us our prescription refills and- in theory- refer us to a pediatrician who can take over Aiden's case and someone who can monitor my wacky thyroid.

I am very relieved.

Still praying for a family doctor though :)

I am also debating at what point this headache is enough of an issue to go wait in a walk-in clinic for a few hours to see a doctor. I just don't know.


Vader's Mom said…
I go get a shot after two days of an "unending" headache.

I hope you find a good family doctor soon!!!
Mommy Cracked said…
I pray you all will find a caring, capable family doctor soon..preferably one that can see you as soon as possible. I hope you feel better soon.
Margaret said…
Hooray for some progress!
Bcteagirl said…
Glad to hear that you have something anyway :)
Amanda Daybyday said…
I'm glad Tara. Now if only that headache would go away!

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