fail to process data

So I have been attempting to process a letter we got earlier this week and it is just not working.

The week before we moved we went to an assessment apt. for Aiden that we had been waiting AGES for. The apt lasted a couple hours and they basically told me they didn't have enough time to assess him because he doesn't fit nicely in to any category. This was not new information to me but was still disappointing.

So on Monday we get this letter from those people saying basically that they don't know what is wrong with my son but they do know that they disagree with his previous assessments.

Which makes me go huh?

It feels odd to me because the OTHER assessments were from the Educational Psychologist and the Pediatrician (who specializes in these sorts of things) along with a few other random professionals who had all spent significantly more time with my son.

The latest assessment is basing a whole lot on a brief time they spent with my son... and they are worried about his anxiety level and think that may be causing everything else. But here is the thing... the assessment happened the day before we moved away from everything my son was familiar with- his friends, his school, his home, everything. We drove 3 hours to the assessment place where they promptly told my son he had to go off with a stranger while I stayed with a different stranger. Then they were surprised when he didn't want to leave me. They said he showed anxiety greater than what would be expected of an average 6 year old.

Ya. But I bet MOST 6 year olds they see aren't moving 14 hours away the next day.

The other thing? They said he was animated and used hand gestures when he talked to them and was able to describe a friendship that he had. The thing is? The friendship he was so upset about in that moment? Totally NOT reality. He was upset about leaving some random kid at school that he barely ever even played with because he wouldn't get to play with that kids bakugan cards anymore- NOT because he would miss the actual kid. Does that really count as a friendship? I had never even heard the child's name before that assessment. But apparently my son's ability to form friendships messed up their assessment.

The whole thing was very bizarre.

So basically I don't know how to process that information.


That's odd and very frustrating! I hate to say it, but can you try to get an second assessment done again where you are now based on that information? I would think, given the situation that you were literally moving across the country, that they would make some exceptions for this reasons. They should.
Amanda Daybyday said…
I'd say, process it as faulty and incomplete. Seems to me that mom knows best. You know him and they (being so rushed)rushed out an assessment that isn't in line with your experience. Too bad you can't talk to them face to face about it and help them (who are used to assessing children under the age of 6, right?) understand what they saw.

With Finn? I'd been told by several people that there was either something wrong with her hearing or that she has ear infections. I knew there was nothing wrong with her hearing. When we finally got around to having her hearing checked...guess what? Her hearing's fine. We know our kids.

You're doing such a good job with him that he's faking them out. Stick with your know what's right.
Natalie said…
you have to stick with your mom gut and continue to be his advocate! you know your kid better than anyone. i'm sure you will find the perfect people to help you soon.

I will be praying for you...remember that God has a plan...we just sometimes have a hard time with His timing.
Anonymous said…
My son was just diagnosed with aspergers 3 weeks ago and I was shocked. We went in for possible learning disabilities. I am not sure if they are even right. The evals are a snapshot of a couple of hours in his life as he reacts to stragers in an unfamiliar small office at office on that day. They are not taking in consideration all that is going on in the childs world and the overall situation at home and at school.

I completely understand how frustrated and confused you must be after waiting so long and hoping that this apt would be the end of this phase and the beginning of the next. I am in a similar place for a different reason.

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