April blizzards

You know the old saying "April showers bring May flowers"? I wonder what April blizzards bring...

because I am thinking flowers might have a bit of difficult getting through the several feet of SNOW.
Seriously, does this look like Spring to you?


It's crazy isn't it. We have been having spring and then it all of sudden snowed again. The snow didn't last... but still!
Becky said…
Well apparently...in your in your part of the world?! Go figure??? Someone forgot to turn of the snowmaking machine!! lol I think I am funny at 5am. Love ya!!
Unbelievable. "Down South" we only dream of snow like that! It has been spring here since February, and I feel like we didn't have winter at all! Want to trade? :)
Dakotapam said…
Looks like Spring down south here in North Dakota. Sad eh?
Angie Marion said…
wow! where do you live? We have 60s today but all week, rain, rain, rain... So glad it's gone. Just not looking forward to HOT Summers here in MD!

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