Aiden's logic: Autism & Hitting

I got a note sent home from school today about my son Aiden. Apparently he had two "incidents" today- the first was when he kicked a girl from his class when she stepped into line in front of him on the way to the library. The second was when he punched a different girl for being bossy in french class.

This was the conversation I had with my son about these "incidents"

Me: So Aiden, how was school today? Were you good? (holding note from teacher in my hand)

Aiden: I think pretty good... yep... I was good. (sounding confident)

Me: What happened on the way to the library?

Aiden: nothing much, I was good. (looking vaguely confused)

Me: Did you kick a girl on the way to the library?

Aiden: Yep. (no guilt present in this response)

Me: And then you hit a girl in French class?

Aiden: Yep. (still not looking guilty at all)

Me: Was it the same girl both times?

Aiden: no... two different girls. (looking at me like I am insane for thinking he could hit the same girl twice)

Me: Aiden you KNOW you are NOT allowed to hit or kick or punch girls EVER!

Aiden: Well, I didn't do it very much! Only once! (looking like this is a perfectly good explanation)

Me: Once is too much Aiden! You can NEVER hit or kick a girl. Not EVER!

Aiden: huh? (looking shocked and appalled)

Me: Kicking a girl once is too many times since you are supposed to kick her ZERO times.

Aiden: WHAT??? ONCE is too much??? (now looking incensed and horrified)

Me: Yes, once is definitely too much.

Aiden: That's crazy. I think 5 times, or maybe 10 times should be too much. But not once. Once is barely at all. (spoken as though this is the most logical thought in the world)

Me: Once is too much. Don't hit. Don't kick. Don't punch. Anyone. Ever. Under any circumstances. Not boys and especially not girls. Ok?

Aiden: that's just weird. Can I go outside and play now? (translated " you are crazy mom and I am done with this conversation")

Me: Yes. As long as you don't hit/kick/or punch anyone.

Aiden: okaaayyyy, I promise. I'll try not to do it. I'll try. But once still shouldn't be too much.
(and out the door he goes)

Boys are fun aren't they? :)


Anonymous said…
I love it! your son is awesome! I know from a mothers perspective it is frustrating. You should talk to him about what he can do when he feels frustrated with someone, and how to release the tension in his body, release it like a balloon, blow it out. blow up a balloon let out the air to show him. Tell him when he is frustrated with someone the feeling gets stuck inside like the air and he has to blow it out. It will help him not feel the need to punch. I love that he is so logical. It reminds me of me. hee hee. alyssa anderson
Becky said…
Yeah his logic is amusing and no hitting ever not even once can be rather trying...but it is what is expected. Welcome to the real world, not even once...I know I shouldn't laugh but I am, because sometimes I would like to hit bossy girls too. Not even once.
Anonymous said…
My boys are 7 and 10, and I used to teach them never to hit anybody. That changed when the older one got bullied. Then I tought him to hit back once as hard as he could, and then it would be over. When boys get older, selfdefense is pretty important to learn, and hitting is not always bad.
debrowns said…
Tara, i think this is posted in the wrong blog, should be in Four, Seven and Twelvefold. Sounds like a conversation between God and man over the reality of sin. Doug should use this as a sermon illustration.

Amanda Daybyday said…
I love his logic. And I love your response even more. But really, I mean butting and bossy girls...who wouldn't wanna hit'em?

Imagine how much easier life would be if we all just followed his logic...

In case I don't get back out again, HAPPY BDAY AIDEN!! Aidens rock this month.
Amy Bayliss said…
Oh boys are beyond fun and full of moments for mom to practice patience. Sometimes I just want to shake em' until they get it into their little brain, you know. LoL

It would be dull without them though, wouldn't it?

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