We need a doctor...

This week I have been trying (in vain) to find a family doctor. We are currently in a health care crisis and there is a SERIOUS lack of doctors. Many many MANY families have no family doctor and just show up at the local ER or walk-in clinic when someone is sick. Those who DO have a family doctor have to wait several months to get an appointment. There are also Nurse Practitioner's who are taking up a lot of the slack but who are also incredibly busy.

I have called daily for the past 4 days trying to get an apt with a nurse practitioner. I call first thing in the morning but they only book apts for 1 day, 2 weeks from the day you call. So once those apts are filled up they won't book anymore, you just have to keep calling every day until you manage to get a spot.

It's crazy.

It's not a HUGE deal for us to go to a walk-in clinic (despite the hours waiting each time) when we are sick. But it IS a huge deal for us not to have a doctor who will be consistently following Aiden. A HUGE ENORMOUS deal. I was starting to feel rather desperate about it and cried a while bunch yesterday.

It is REALLY REALLY vital that we have a consistent doctor for Aiden.

I have called all the doctors I can find from our town and from the towns surrounding us. My next step is Thunder Bay- 4.5 hours away.

I called our pediatrician in Saskatchewan yesterday and asked if he, by chance, knew anyone he could refer us to here. He said he didn't but that if I managed to find the name of a Pediatrician he would do his best to get us in.

I have said it before, and I will say it again, Dr. Ramji in Prince Albert is the most amazing Pediatrician in the world.

SO my mom did a little bit of detective work for me and a grandma in her apartment building has a grandson with issues like Aiden and she gave us the name of their pediatrcian. There are none in town so this one is about an hour and a half (?) maybe a bit more away but that is much better than 4.5 hours.

I have to figure out his address and stuff and then I will pass that information on to our beloved Saskatchewan Pediatrician and PRAY that it works and we get in.

Feel free to pray too.

I find it slightly ironic that we have wonderful health care coverage as far as costs go- it costs nothing to see the doctor here in Canada and my husband's medical coverage at work covers 80% of our prescritption costs... but it all means nothing unless we can ACTUALLY SEE A DOCTOR!!!

I find the whole situation insane.

The beautiful part about our previous town was that the few doctors that were there accepted EVERY patient that came through. It meant all of them were definitely overworked but at least everyone had access to medical care.

Things will work out here for us. I know they will. Even if we have to travel to the city to do it. I know God will work it out.

But it still makes my tummy hurt just thinking about it.

Please pray we find a pediatrician who can get us into specialists that Aiden needs. And pray that I can somehow find a doctor who will refer me to a thyroid specialist so I can keep up with that. And please pray we all stay healthy and don't need a doctor anytime soon.



Natalie said…
wow. i can not imagine!

here pediatricians have partys to meet people and in turn meet new patients. i can call my pedi and be able to see her by that afternoon if needed. specialists sometimes take a week or two to get in but still, that is nothing compared to what you are dealing with!

i will be praying!!!
Amanda Daybyday said…
the irony of the canadian healthcare system has not escaped me either. It's a horrible situation and you guys will be our prayers. I'm anxiously waiting for Finn's pediatrician to come off mat leave myself.
Ok, we'll pray and YOU turn it over to God. Stressing will make you sick Tara,you've done all that you should and the prayer request is a great idea.

Hugs sweetie-- it will work out!
Nessa said…
I will keep y'all in my prayers. I totally understand where you are coming from because we don't have a regular doctor following Ashley and it makes me insane!

I hope everything works out!
Bebemiqui said…
I'll be lifting you up...I hate when my head knows He's got it all under control, but the stress of it all is making my heart crazy!
Dana said…
I find the Canadian healthcare system to be very interesting. It seems to have some major flaws. Not that the US system is perfect, but at least we have enough doctors.

I will def pray for you and for Aiden!!!
MarthaE said…
When worried about family health you sure don't need Extra stress. I will add my prayers for God to put you with the right professional (and to keep you all healthy too!)
Oma aka Meme said…
I am praying- as here in Alberta it is the same story- sigh- and canadian hugs- from Meme
AmandaSue said…
Your family is in my prayers.
Bola said…
I will be praying for god health for you all. There is nothing like being healthy all the time. I also pray that the doctor you are being reffered to be as good as described.
The peace of God be with you all always (Amen)

Bola of MumsDadsChildren .

Chris said…
i know this is out of topic, but i have an award for you at http://www.mommyjourney.com/2009/03/uber-amazing-blog.html
Jodi said…
I'll say a prayer about this too. :) I really hope you find a good doctor who cares. I'm in the US and I have no health insurance. The walk in clinics are too expensive and most times I just go without and try to doctor myself at home. It's very hard. Having a steady doctor who knows your health history is so important. I could go on and on about this, but I just wanted you to know that I'm praying....and I'm so glad I've found your blog! Blessings!
Laane said…
I'm praying for you.

I wasn't aware there were not enough doctors in Canada.

Hopefully it all works out.
jceko77 said…
God bless you and your family. You are in my prayers. Rest assured, God will take care of you. My good friend lives in Ontario and cannot stand the healthcare system in Canada due to lack of physicians.
Anonymous said…
I'm having a lot of trouble wrapping my mind around the whole medical dilemma here in Dryden. It surprises me too that things can be so different from province to province - I mean we are still in Canada, right? (ha ha) Seriously, I feel that your efforts will pay off and that a miracle will occur. Do all kids with problems like Aiden's have to go far far to a Dr? There must be a way! Praying.
Love, Mom

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