Just thought you'd like to know...

Princess Olivia keeps filling various containers up with water/ juice/ milk / any liquid she can get her hands on and then pouring it all over various things all in the name of "tea party". About an hour ago she filled up Owen's shoe and it didn't hold water nearly as well as she had hoped.

She still has a pretty bad cold and has decided to drive me crazy about what and when and how much she will eat.

Real conversation:

Olivia: Mommy I hungy (hungry)

Me: Ok, how about you eat the dozen things you've asked for so far this morning.

Olivia: no no no no no. I HUNGY mommy!!

Me: Seriously. Eat the bannana. Or the crackers. Or the apple. Or the carrots. Or the cereal. Or the fruit salad. Or the bun. Or the celery sticks. Or the orange. There they all are. Right there. Where you left them. On the living room floor. Half eaten.


Ya. She's fun. Two? Not my favourite age.

And Aiden? Did AWESOME at school yesterday. And lost his other front tooth last night. And then swallowed a penny at school today just to keep things interesting.


I just got a call from the resource teacher asking me if this was "normal" behaviour for my son. Which, by the way, it is NOT.

On the up side he didn't choke.

On the down side he SWALLOWED a freakin' penny ON PURPOSE to tick off his teacher. Ya.
And Owen? Did GREAT at school yesterday as well but today has decided to test the limits of my whining- tolerance level.
And the best part of today? We found out that our new town charges $1.75 PER BAG of garbage. That's right. $1.75.

This is an effort to encourage recycling... which I am all for... but they totally don't recycle everything and so we still have to pay for garbage. Nice eh? We have to go buy tags and tag EACH bag of garbage and they won't pick it up without the tag. And they only pick up garbage every second week. How to make garbage day ESPECIALLY difficult!

Other than that we are really enjoying our new town. Three cheers for having a Wal-Mart in town. And a Dairy Queen. And THREE grocery stores to choose from! YAY!


Amber said…
Bahahahaha. Oh your kids kill me! YAY YAY YAY for Wal-Mart & DQ and grocery store options! As for the garbage, that's exactly the way it was in Salmon Arm for us! Such a royal pain in the butt! But we are no longer there and we now have the luxury of two bags picked-up weekly and they'll take as many bins of recycling as you want every other week. We pretty much recycle as much as we can though, so we end up putting out 1 garbage bag a week, and about 4 Blue Bins worth of recyclables every other.
kelle said…
It's the same way all over Ontario. My mom has to buy tags too. Glad to hear that you are all settling in your new place. And yay for Aiden!!
Gail Hickok said…
Good news is Tara, that come spring time they go to every week pickup for garbage, and every other week for recycling. Something to be thankful for as far as the price of garbage tags, is that if you lived in Sioux Lookout(about an hour away)last I heard garbage tags are to $2.50 a piece. We have learned to use the BIG garbage bag, that helps keep the price down, and of course recycle EVERYTHING possible.
Jinny and Colin said…
That's dumb that you have to pay for garbage yet they don't recycle everything. Kinda not fair if you ask me.
I'm so excited for you that there's a Walmart and three groceries stores to choose from!..and a Dairy Queen..yum!
Amanda said…
Your kids are so cute! Never a dull moment hey. That is actually what I love about my kids, there is always something going on.
I am so jealous on your store selection. Someday I too will live close to a Walmart. (I hope!)
Anonymous said…
Well, just look at it this way - at least now you have the space to store the recyclables and those really big bags of garbage! Life is just one challenge after another, eh?
bananas, apples, carrots???? Ky asks for Pasta, soup, pizza,-- you know, things that have to be cooked and THEN she doesn't eat them.
LOVE the age 2-- NOT.

So glad you're enjoying your new surroundings. I have read from newest to here and now I have to go-- sorry I couldn't comment on all :-( BTW, the jump pics are great!
Jodi said…
I know how you feel Tara. I'm in a rural town and anything new that opens up to make my life a little easier I am so thankful for! Although I don't like Wal-Mart! lol
Wish we had a Dairy Queen that had food! I have to pay for my trash pick up once a week. I wonder how creative you'll get with yours. :)

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