it's all about grade one

Grade One girls crack me up. Seriously. In our old school as soon as I entered the vicinity of Aiden's classroom I would be surrounded by several grade one girls telling me how the day went. I would hear things like "Hi Aiden's mom. Aiden did good today" or "Aiden didn't have a very good day today". They all reminded me of little mom/teachers. So cute.

I THOUGHT that it was because these particular little girls had known Aiden for a couple years and knew me and hence felt comfortable sharing this information with me.

I was so wrong.

It only took two days for the wee mom/teachers disguised as grade one girls in our new school to begin to approach me with the daily report. Today as soon as I walked in I was approached by two sweet girls and this is what I heard.

girl 1: Hi Aiden's mom. Aiden only had TWO tantrums today.
girl 2: which isn't so bad but isn't so great either.
girl 1: and our teacher had to get the principal to read him a story
girl 2: ya because he got a little crazy

Me: (looking bemused) really? wow. a lot happened today!

girl 1: ya. it did.
girl 2: but I think Aiden will do better on Monday
girl 1: ya because he can sleep all weekend long and maybe calm down a bit
girl 2: because he really wanted to come home today
girl 1: because he got frustrated
girl 2: and that's why he had a tantrum
girl 1: TWO tantrums
girl 2: ya. two tantrums. But not three.


Me: (trying not to giggle) thanks girls, I'll see you on Monday.

girl 1: bye Aiden's mom
girl 2: bye Aiden

Aiden: (long gone out the door)

So it would seem the miracle of a great first day of school has worn off somewhat into a more predictable routine... at least the teacher doesn't think I was exaggerating his behaviour anymore :)


Gail Hickok said…
That is too funny, because my SK 5 year old is already exibiting the traits of a mini/mom/teacher/gr.1 girl. She reports to me daily on the behaviour of a certain little boy(who has ADHD) in her classroom. Poor Aiden, at least he has the girls looking out for him, you know he could use that to his advantage when he gets older.
Amanda Daybyday said…
hee hee. we have that too. Though even the some of the boys get into the action here. They have an apple chart in Will's class. Green is good, yellow is not so good, red is bad and brown is very, very bad. We've only had 1 brown apple this year, but we never know what color its gonna be other than that. One day a couple weeks ago, I was picking Will up and no less than 6 kids (mostly girls, but a couple boys too) came up to me and told me about Will's red apple. They're so fun at this age.
Nessa said…
This must be a universal thing with little girls. With us, the little teacher/moms atarted in Pre K. I always knew how Tristen's day had went based on how many little girls rushed me at the door!
Mocha Dad said…
My 7-year old daughter is definitely a mini-mom. It's so funny to watch her scolding her little brothers.
So cute. Poor Aiden, he doesn't stand a chance with so many looking out for him, does he? :-)

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