oh HELLO dear internets of the world!!!


So... I have discovered that 5 days of spotty internet or NO internet access is way too much for me... can you say ADDICT? :)

I only have a couple of minutes before we take the boys to register at their new school so I'll make this real short.

We moved into our new place on Sunday.
Our new place is HUGE and I LOVE it.
We are just renting it and that feels a bit odd after owning our own place. We have to think about things like where to put holes in the walls and not changing much but we still love it. It is at LEAST double the size of our old place. Amazing.

Our new house gurgles. Loudly. It is heated by hot water and the pipes gurgle. All the time. Makes us all have to pee :)

My mom is enjoying her new apartment.

Shadow the cat survived the move even though he tried to run away a few times.

All three kids are happy to have their stuff back and are enjoying all the space in our new home.

The folks at our new church have gone above and beyond and have been wonderfully helpful and caring over the past days. We had dozens of helpers for the move, we have been brought groceries and meals, and gift cards. They have been wonderful.

Olivia and I have pretty bad colds but are surviving.

Unpacking is rather overwhelming.

We have no TV yet and I would like to get it back soon please :)

Oh how I love the internet!


Robyn said…
TARA!! I miss you so much already!! And I really REALLY need you to talk to you :( Do you have your phone yet? Can you FB me your number?? I hope the boys enjoy school, & Aiden transitions well. POST PICS OF YOUR NEW HOUSE!!!
Dana said…
I'm so happy for you, Tara! I pray that this new place of ministry really is a blessing for you -- 'cuz I know you'll be a blessing for them!!!!

shoz said…
T I am SOOOOO glad that things are going well and that you are getting settled. I know it will take some time but it will be worth it in the end. I am sorry that you have to move and unpack with a cold. Poor Tara! I love you and have missed reading about your life. Glad your back in contact with all your loyal followers.
Love ya,
Nessa said…
Glad you are getting settled in! Sorry you and the little one had yucky colds. So happy that the new church is being such a blessing! I'm praying that this will be a great place for all of you.
crickl's nest said…
Hey! We had that gurgling heat when we lived in NJ. It is really good for people with asthma too, did you know? No forced air, so pollutants are not as much.

Congrats on the new place!
Amanda said…
glad to hear the move went well! Where are you guys now? Got the book today thanks a lot.
Natalie said…
glad to hear that the move went well and that everyone is excited about the new space! sounds like the new church family will be just that...family!

praying you and olivia feel better really fast!
Oma aka Meme said…
welcome back and thank you for sharing the blessings with us- hugs from Meme
Glad to hear the excitement in your voice! I am so happy for you and this new start.

Your hot water heating, rads? If so, you may have to bleed them, that's what the gurgling could be. If not, well, then your house is just thirsty.

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