I? Am a talker.

I usually have things to say.

Lots of things to say.

But ever since we moved? Not so much.

I mean, I still talk. A lot. But it is not the same.

I can tell you all sorts of factual information about my life... but how I FEEL about it? Ya. I got nothin.



dags said…
thanks for your comment brightened a confusing day :) and as for you having nothing to say....just will come! :)

i also just noticed your preacher creature giveaway. i bought the one about missions trips to read to the kids at church and it's so great. the only problem i think i will have reading it to a large group is that there are lots of tiny, funny drawings tucked in corners and some of them are so silly, i know the kids will be clamouring over me to see!!!
Amanda said…
Look at you being so real again!!! I love reading you. Give yourself a little time, this is a big change and you have lots of things going on so you need to just breath and allow yourself to relax into that new place then you can 'feel' again!
Anonymous said…
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