Gilmore Girls

I. Love. the Gilmore Girls.

It was my favourite show and I miss it.

Which is why I was SO SO SO SO excited to use my gift certificates to purchase the first 3 seasons.

And now? I am absolutely LOVING watching them.

Why do all the good shows have to end??


Margaret said…
me too - i too love the Gilmore Girls and wish it was still on. I hear that the W channel plays it daily. Unfortunately I do not get the W channel (sigh).
Jinny and Colin said…
All good shows end at the point where they keep you wanting more, yet still Seinfeld, gotta end on a high note, right? :) I know what you mean though, I hate it when good shows end!!
I know what you mean - I miss it too. Sigh. :(
el Maggie said…
I agree with Jinny - it's usually good if a show ends while you still love it, instead of descending into farce in an attempt to keep itself alive.
Yes this was a great show!
Nothing is more beautiful than having a family and being able to share that joy with others.Yes there are good and bad days and joys and sorrows of life but after all you have your home and your loved ones.What more do you need?
Kristi said…
This was a great show - I used to watch the reruns in the afternoon and then the new one in the evening. I even had my daughter hooked.
Amy said…
My daughters and I were all hooked on The Gilmore Girls, and we were so sad to see it go.
Nessa said…
Okay, I've never seen this show. Now I'm all kinds of curious about it!

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