I'm feeling a wee bit emotionally fragile this evening.

Our basement has some not-t00-serious-if-we-keep-on-it flooding going on today. Fortunately we have a shop vac to vacuum the water up and a dehumidifier to help. Who knew the stuff we got for our LAST house flooding would come in so handy here? And it is flooding the play room and there is no carpet in there and it only wrecked a few puzzles and books but everything else is either plastic or dry-able.

Do you know what the bizzarre part is? In our last house the basement flooded within the first month that we lived there. Here? Same thing. What is with that?

Owen is having some anxiety issues and I just don't know what to do about it. He needs to find his place to fit here and I'm hoping he will make a few friends at school that will make up for what he left behind in some measure. And I really wish the boys would stop fighting with each other. Although I must say that Aiden is doing slightly better than I expected ... for the most part anyway.

Sibling rivalry? NOT COOL people. Speaking on behalf of only children everywhere- what is WRONG with you people that you can't get along with eachother??? I mean honestly! I prayed for a sibling all the time. I always wanted a sister. And now? I have 3 kids so they wouldn't be only children and they can't seem to get along with eachother for more than a few minutes at a time. Why is that?

Olivia is being very TWO... stubborn... testing the limits... asking for food and then refusing to eat it... making messes everywhere... you know, typical TWO stuff that threatens parental sanity. But the food thing? Driving me crazy. She is my first kid to pull that stunt and I really don't like it.

And I am seriously struggling with motivation. I just can't seem to muster the energy to do anything other than the basics. Everyone is fed and clothed and cared for... but the house is definitely NOT getting more organized.

Everytime a person moves there is ALWAYS unexpected stuff that comes up and this move has been no exception. It will all work out but it just takes some time to adjust is all.

But on the up side? I totally just spent the past 3 hours watching the first season of the Gilmore Girls. I really love that show. Why do they always cancel the best shows??

(Here are the words to the song in the video)

I'm havin' a bad day
there's nothin you can do or say
to help me thru this bad day
I think I'll just stay in my room
they didn't need to say
that they didn't wanna play
I coulda guessed it anyway
that's why I'm here in my room
it seems like I'm the only one
who's not outside an' havin' fun
I wish this day had never begun
I think I'll just stay in my room
sometimes I wanna run and hide
today I wanna stay inside
tell my bike to take itself for a ride
I'm staying in today
see the toys lyin' on the floor
I don't want them anymore
think I'll sell them back to the store
or give them all away
it feels like I'm the only one
who's not outside an' havin' fun
I wish this day had never begun
I think I'll just stay in my room
I don't needs hugs and I don't want food
I want to stay here in this lonely mood
I don't care if people think I'm rude
I wish they would all go away
Dad comes in and tells me with a kiss
everyone has days like this
brought my dinner said that I was missed
I think I'll be ok
I know I'm not the only one
to stay inside and watch the fun
thanks a lot that helped a ton
tomorrow's gonna be a better day


Amanda Daybyday said…
Second...Gilmore girls is one of those shows that I watched and was always sad when it ended because I enjoyed watching it so much. Except for the last season, there was something about that last season.
Third...I love that BNL song!
Fourth...I wish I was there!
Love you.
Becky Mayerle said…
Me too!! :(
Dakotapam said…
Sorry that you are having a bad day. BNL can make bad days better though, right? You are not alone though dear, you have a wonderful Father who loves you, and cares for you, even about the little things like basement flooding.

Moving is hard on kids, especially at the ages your kids are! Sadly, as pastor's families, we cannot always time our moves, God has a will stronger than hours. I'll keep you in my prayers.
the Doug said…
Love you.
Katherine said…
Sorry to hear you are having a bad day, I understand. I also love the Gilmore Girls! I often play this BNL song when I am having a bad day! Take care and hope that tomorrow is a better day!! :)
Nessa said…
I am so sorry about the bad day. Thing will get better!

I too have no motivation. Everyone is fed and clothed and safe, but I feel that is all that is getting done.

You are not alone!

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