Decorating the Boys' Room

I want to tell you about one of THE COOLEST products I have had the privelege of reviewing- Wall Graphics from Bright Star Kids! I absolutely adore this product! We chose the Space Theme wall graphics to decorate my sons' bedroom because my son Aiden is ALL about spaceships right now but we could have chosen other themes like farm animals, dinosaurs, trains, cars or airplanes etc.

Wall Graphics are removable wall decals that you can use to decorate any smooth surface, such as painted walls, windows and furniture. There are lots of different designs to choose from to create a space that is unique to you.

I have two sons. Aiden is almost 7 and Owen is 5. The three of us had an absolute blast decorating their bedroom. It was SO easy to do and the fact that they were removable made it FAR less stressful to let the boys help. Olivia, my 2 year old, even helped a bit although her ideas did sometimes clash with my sons' artistic vision. She saw no reason why the stars couldn't be put on her arms and shirt... the boys disagreed :)

As most of you know we moved at the beginning of the month and in our new rental house the boys room has blue walls. The boys love the blue and it does make the perfect backdrop for Space graphics. We put a bunch up on the wall behind the boys' Lego table- the perfect background to all the space ships my sons' build each day.

I was incredibly impressed with the product. It arrived within a week... which means it got to me here in Canada faster than it takes for me to get products from the States!!

My package contained 5 sheets of graphics with 189 individual graphics- stars, spaceships, planets, etc. in purple, silver, red, and orange colours.
In years past we have purchased various plastic wall stickers and we paid ridiculous amounts of money for 1 sheet of rather crappy stickers that would end up destroyed after one use. When we moved I tried to remove the stickers and they removed the paint behind them. NOT helpful and definitely not worth the money we paid for them. That is another reason why I was SO impressed with Bright Star Kids wall graphics.

The boys put all sorts of the graphics on the walls by their bunkbed and they are so thrilled with the way it looks. I have removed and replaced several stickers several times and they worked perfectly. They didn't pull off the paint on the wall and the were easy to re-stick.
Bright Star Kids has WAY more than just Wall Graphics too- they have letters you can personalize your child's room with, chalkboard dots that your child can write on, name tags, labels, bag tags, and even graphics for your home! I fully intend on decorating Olivia's room next- maybe with the fairy wonderland kit? or butterfly haven? maybe groovy garden or under the sea? They have TONS of fun options to suit any kid's taste.

My husband tried to get a cool panoramic type picture of the boys room so you could see that this ONE kit decorated their ENTIRE room no problem... and they have a big room!

I would like to thank the Family Review Network for giving me the opportunity to try out these awesome products :)


Tenille said…
It looks great!! I love the space theme, you did a great job putting them up.
Anonymous said…
I reviewed their products too so I just had to comment. I loved mine as well. I love how the boys' room looks now!

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