Wordless Wednesday- Happy 1000th post to ME!!!

(Please Note ALL these pictures were taken by my wonderful husband Douglas. You can see his photoblog HERE)


cool pics! looks like the kids had a lot of fun
yeah for momma's bed!
Pam said…
Happy 1000th! What a great idea for WW. The children are utterly adorable.
Natalie said…
very fun pictures!!!!

and holy smokes...1000 posts! congrats!
Bonnie said…
Awesome pics. I wish I knew how to do that...mine are always so blurry.
No more monkeys jumpin' on the bed LOL great pics! Happy WW
Elizabeth said…
Congrats! Great pics here!!! Good that your hubby was able to capture these!
el Maggie said…
a) I have camera envy every time you post pictures. As usual, those are great.
b) I am also awed and humbled by your prolific blogging. I blog to develop my ideas, and sometimes I realize I don't have any ideas and I don't write anything for a while - depressing!
WOW. 1000 posts. wow. I wish I could say I was here for all of them...

These pics are fabulous. When I see your kids having such a great time, I think back to when I first met you and you had a troll trying to make you second guess yourself. Look what happy children you've moulded :-)

Hope the packing is coming along nicely!
yesica said…
wow really cool pictures really cute kids

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