to the youth

There is a young man in our church right now who is part of the youth group and who is pretty upset that we are leaving.

This is what he says:
k so I am pretty mad.
It might sound weird but I am mad at The church. Every church I have been in has acted So immature and foolish. So dumb.
"OH the youth are so Awesome! They are doing such a good job! Lets kick doug out of the youth group and watch how good they will do now!" WHAT THE HECK! any one wanna explain that? I am really confused.

(I'm not going to name him here or link to him or anything because he has not given me permission to do so. Therefore he remains anonymous.)

And I get it.

I really do.

Because you know who gets hurt when difficult stuff happens in the church? The young people.

Stuff happens TO them. They don't get a say in it. They don't get to vote. Their concerns are often left unanswered. They share their hearts and are hurt in the process.

And it sucks.

If I could I would protect the young people from the garbage that happens in church. But I can't. All I can do is pray for them and entrust them to THE GOD who is bigger and stronger than all this nonsense. And encourage them to speak up. To express their feelings. To keep talking about it and keep questioning. Because you know what? God cares completely for those kids. He can handle their questions and their anger. They are not ignored.

So to the young folks in our church right now- know that we love you guys and will continue to love you guys long after we have gone. And thanks be to God for modern technology that will make it easy to keep up with your lives as you continue to grow- even through these tough times.


Heidi said…
I have to agree with you about it affecting the youth but I also have to add that it affects the new people too. We are going through simmilar things in our church and have delt with simmilar things in the past. Just remember that things happen for a reason and God has a plan for each one of us. Things will work out for these people but, it may not be the way WE want it to work out. Just remember to keep showing them love, to ask God for His will to be done in these situations, and to help those who do not understand.
Heimy said…
I feel your pain Tara. I have, unfortunately, received similar notes and emails in the past. It does seem to hit them harder than most, partially because they have no voice in the discussion and also because feelings are a little more raw at that stage. The only thing besides love and continued contact that I would suggest is some careful counsel to help them not hate the church too much. I have seen it fester and grow if left too long...but that might come better in a few months when the initial hurt is past.

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