I took the plunge

I just bought my own domain name (www.tarasviewoftheworld.com) through blogger... I happen to be rather technically challenged so I am really hoping it works... and that when they say it will work the same way and the rss feed won't need to change etc. that they aren't lying to me!! Because honestly? I don't know how to fix anything if it is all screwed up!

Please let me know if my blog is all screwed up!


Natalie said…
i just got this post in my google reader right along with all of the other ones so it looks like it is working!!!! i should look into doing this too... where did you get the info on it?
Bcteagirl said…
Google reader working fine!

Received Beat the Reaper from you today, thank you!
ps- Originally from Sask, how is that for a coincidence?
Not sure how blogger works with creating/buying a domain name. I have had my own domain name with godaddy.com when I had a family website but I did not like them!

How does rss feed work? I don't know what it is and I am pretty technically savvy :)
Jesica said…
Worked through Reader for me, too :)

Michelle said…
It also worked for me through Google reader ;-) Houston We have Launch!
Melissa said…
Google reader works with it! And I clicked through and your blog looks great as usual! Nice job!
crickl's nest said…
I use Bloglines and it worked just fine....in fact it loaded faster! (It was usually slow loading for me)

Congrats. =)
Nessa said…
Good job! I've actually been working on this all day for a friend of mine and it's giving me fits! We didn't buy throgh Blogger, but through Google, so I would've thought it would work okay. Wrong! I am praying some nice techie fairy godmother will come help me.
Amanda Daybyday said…
Wow! Too cool. That's all I have to say.

Oh, and I got my leg warmers for Finny today. SO excited! Thanks!
Amy said…
Another confirmation that it works with google reader. Also, got my zoom album kit this afternoon. Will check it out more when kiddos are in bed.

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