Changes changes everywhere

Today I had a certain friend ask me if I was posting all my stories about moving somewhere else... and no, I'm not. Honestly? My brain is a little fried these days. At least a few times every day I end up standing in the middle of a room wondering what on earth I should do next! I packed all the pictures off our walls today... things look so bare now.

The kids are all dealing with the impending move differently. Olivia is extra clingy and wants me to play tea party with her 24 hours a day. She is also not sleeping very well. She is sleeping in our room and her room has been emptied and is now being filled up with boxes and boxes and more boxes. I'm sure she wonders what on earth we are doing!

Aiden is hyper. And easily agitated. More than normal. He spends a good portion of every day provoking his younger brother to wrath. He also has a VERY loose front tooth that is almost ready to fall out. The boys have holidays from school this week which means they are both EXTRA hyper. Which is not the most helpful for me I must admit.

The boys new school is being wonderfully accomodating and doing all they can to ease the transistion. They sent us a little book with pictures of the boys' new teachers, classrooms etc. and we have been reading that with the kids as well as looking at pictures of the house we are renting.

I think that has helped a lot for the boys to be able to visualize, at least a little bit, where we are moving too.
Owen is a sensitive soul and has been responding to everyone else's stress. He is rather whiny when I am too busy packing or cleaning, he fights with Aiden a lot and gets crazy hyper when Aiden goes nuts, and his little sister wanting to play with him is driving him crazy. But he is also very sweet.

On Sunday we had our farewell at the church and my dear friend Becky stood up and said some very nice things and I bawled like a baby. Owen came and stood beside me saying "Mommy? Mommy? Are you ok? Why are you crying? Mommy?" I think I freaked him out a bit. Poor kid.
I had a very nice visit with Becky tonight.

I can't even begin to describe to you all how much I will miss her. The very thought makes my heart ache.

I am so very grateful for the internet and modern technology that will allow me to keep in touch! It won't be the same but it DOES make a difference.

We have had an offer on our house and that is VERY good news. It still is pending all sorts of stuff but at least we know someone is interested!

And Aiden's assessment date is in 6 sleeps... YAY!!! I can't wait to have that completed!

Moving day is quickly approaching... 8 more sleeps.


Jenera said…
Having just moved ourselves I know what you are feeling. The only thing is that I was lucky enough to not have to worry about school changes since our oldest is not even three.

Good luck and hopefully the kids do well!
Wow that move is creeping up so quickly! Praying that you get through the next few weeks in one piece.
Robyn said…
WAHHH!! I have not had a single MOMENT to come say goodbye :( I hope I am able to before you leave. I will give you a shout soon. I promise (I hate hockey too lol).
dags said…
been thinking about you today after seeing the pic of you and doug kissing....awwwww......will be praying for you during this transition. you'll look back on this as an amazing adventure, n'est pas?
oh... see, I had it in my head you were already on your way to the other place and I was clicking in on you every few hours to see what the word was-- I am so confused now.

Moving is emotionally draining, you poor thing. I will b e glad to take any venting you need to do, ok? Hang in there!
Anonymous said…
Just a thought, but maybe if you took more time to play with your kids outside, then they would be glad to amuse themselves while you pack and clean. :)
Tarasview said…
hi anonymous- just wanted to tell you we DO play outside whenever we can- unfortunately at -25 degrees we can't play outside for too long at a time because of frost bite and asthma attacks. But ya- it does help on warmer days for certain!

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