the big Non-assessment

Well... today did not go as well as we had hoped.

I think I had pinned way too much hope on this "official assessment" being done today.

Basically after 3 hours of various test and stuff with the child psychologist, the mental health doctor and the psychiatric nurse lady and the mental health social worker lady they told me they didn't feel like they had adequate time to give us an official diagnosis. Aiden doesn't fit nicely into any of their categories so they would need several more appointments to go through all of the possibilities.

Ironically I think the medication that has helped Aiden so very much actually hindered his assessment today. They said that his behaviour today didn't match the reports and assessments they have collected over the past year.

I felt like yelling "OBVIOUSLY they don't match!! He has only been on the medication a couple months and it has made a HUGE difference but that doesn't mean the issues are gone!".

And I guess all the work we have been doing over the past year with Aiden teaching him to recognize what different facial expressions mean, and how to take turns and how to express emotions in a healthy way actually was NOT helpful for his assessment. Go figure. The fact that he could parrot back what we had taught him about emotions meant that they couldn't just do a quick assessment. They would have to actually have several sessions with him to see how he actually responds in different situations.

Not that they didn't have huge concerns about Aiden. They just weren't sure what "label" to give him. They threw around the terms "Aspergers" (which is what serveral specialists have thought so far), "Anxiety disorders", "Pervasive Development Disorder- Not Otherwise Specified" (how's that for a label!) and they ended off with this statement "well, we know something is wrong we just don't know what".

Thanks for that.

And it was especially weird because the intake social worker we have been speaking with and working with for the past year wasn't able to make it in to work today so we had a substitute social worker who told me first thing "well, I actually know nothing about your son so we'll just see how this goes shall we?".


And they had not even gotten half the reports that they were supposed to get. I don't know who screwed that up but my pediatrician says that he sent over his reports and they didn't have them and the school says they sent everything over but the centre didn't have the most important reports from the educational psychologist and the reports from Aiden's IEP at school.

I had brought all of my copies with me and they took them and photocopied them and said they would read them over before writing up the final report but that didn't help us this afternoon.

Basically they told me that under normal circumstances they would simply schedule us for a series of assessments by all of their various specialists but since we are moving they can't.

So we really DO have to start all over in Ontario.

Plus we had to drive in blizzard-like conditions 3 hours each way. Fun.

So yes. I am rather discouraged about that. I had SO wanted it to be finished before we left. But obviously that is not to be the case.


Nessa said…
Oh Tara, sending hugs to you & your family.

I know how frustrating this can be! Although Ashley has a diagnosis, no one knows what kind of specialist to send her to. We've seen neurologist, ENTs, and a lot of other folks, but nobody is familiar with her condition. Our latest battle is the fact that she seems to have no permanent teeth on the left side.

It is so aggravating not knowing what to do to get your child the help they need! I hope things get better soon!
the Doug said…
A long day. I love you.
What a crappy day. So sorry!
Amanda Daybyday said…
ARGHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Oh guys! That sucks! And I feel your pain...except I've only had to deal with it for 2 years...not 7!!! We'll pray you get help quickly in the new province. Wish I could help...but I guess the good thing is that you're doing such a good job that some of the symptoms aren't as obvious. You should be proud of yourselves...though it doesn't make yesterday any better.
shoz said…
Sorry about all the crappiness. Know that you are loved and being prayed for.
Oma aka Meme said…
hugs and prayers- trusting God to bring new doctors for your little one - I pray so-
a new beginning= hugs from Meme

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