Conversation overheard between my two sons...

Aiden: (jumping on our bed wearing a race car driver costume and toque and holding a star wars light sabre) Hey Owen! Let's be famous for our awesomeness!

Owen: (jumping on our bed wearing a batman costume and baseball cap and holding a star wars light sabre) Ya Aiden! That's a GREAT idea!

Aiden: I KNOW!

Owen: We should practice our moves!

Aiden: Ok you be awesome and I'll be awesomer!

Owen: (yells loud battle cry and launches self onto pile of pillows) oh yeahhhhhh! I AM awesome!


Anonymous said…
So cute! How is the packing going? I hope things are moving along smoothly!
Anonymous said…
I just love hearing those conversations between kids!
LOL!!! How hilarious!
Smellyann said…
I love it! Dh and I are laughing so hard over that!
Amanda Daybyday said…
LOVE this one! I read the Owen part in a Natey voice in my head because it was all so very much like Nate would say. I AM awesome. Hahahahaha.
Nessa said…
That is soooo cute! I'm afraid mine, well at least Tristen, has outgrown that kind of cuteness.

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