what forum?

I'm confused.

Seriously. What is the deal with the kazillion forums? Honestly how many can you possibly keep up with and still feed your children once in awhile???

It seems to me that every second site I visit has a forum they want us to join. Why?

Is Twitter, Facebook, blogging, and email not enough?

I have been actively involved in a couple forums for ages now. A COUPLE. Like TWO.

And really? Half the time I can't keep up with everything happening on those two! And if I spend all my time on the forums how on EARTH can I get around to reading all of your lovely blogs?

I got an email this morning from some random forum I apparently joined ages ago telling me I had to post something or my membership would be cut off.

Since I have absolutely no recollection of ever even joining that forum, nor of ever posting ANYTHING on it... I have decided to let it go.

But what is with the irrational fear that I'll miss something if I DON'T join the hundreds of forums? Do you all really manage to post on ALL of them?

And why? What is the purpose?

I'm so confused.

Plus I am surrounded by boxes. Lots of boxes.

And I get to start washing crayon off the walls now.

I am so lucky.


Heidi said…
I feel for you and wish you the best, I'll be praying for you.

Just a little helpful hint...
Those magic erasers work wonders on crayon and pretty much any wall marks kids can think of. My kids used magic marker once and it even worked on that.
Oh I so know what you mean about the forums! I couldn't keep up with the forums I was active in before I started blogging - it's definitely not happening now! Especially since there are 3,405 of them out there now, and more every day it seems...

Good luck with the packing!! :)
I don't even know what all I've joined and I can't even seem to get onto facebook just to accept friend requests-- how do people find time for all of these things? Maybe if you and I cut out the moving stuff we'd have more time ;-)
kailani said…
I agree. There are so many social networking site out there that I don't even know which ones I signed up for. I've decided to list my blogs on whichever ones I could find but actively participate in only a few.

Good luck with the crayons!
Anonymous said…
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