Pure Joy people: Assessment Date Moved Up!

Oh I am so very excited I simply MUST share my joy with you all!!!

I have mentioned before that we have been trying for YEARS to get my son Aiden "officially" diagnosed with Aspergers or anything else for that matter. We have had dozens of assessments done but each one only assessed PART of Aiden's issues and they all say things like "Aiden most likely has Aspergers and Sensory Integration issues" or "we believe that Aiden fits the profile of Aspergers" etc. Nothing definite.

We have been on a waiting list for the only centre to officially diagnosis Autism spectrum disorders (amongst other things) in our province- it is a year or more long waiting list and we have been waiting for about 5 months already. We are actually very lucky to be on the list at all since they usually only work with children age 5 and under. They basically let us on the list because I have documented proof that I have been trying to get Aiden help since he was 3.

When we decided to move I figured I would have to start over again with Aiden's assessment. I had called medical professionals in our new location and they basically told me nothing but an "official diagnosis" would count.

I was very discouraged!

But God is good and He reminded me that He cares for Aiden and can take care of things like assessment appointments! Even when it seems impossible.

I got a phone call today from the centre and they are moving Aiden's appointment up SEVEN whole months to February 24 so that we can have it done before we move!!

I am so thakful! God really is so good because honestly people? That is a miracle. They are actually making an extra space for him just because they didn't want us to have to start over again! Aiden turns 7 the end of April and they want his diagnosis in place before then.

I am so happy.

Lesson for today? God really does care for us. We just have to trust Him!


Heidi said…
We'll be praying for Aiden and you. I told our kids about it and we made a family decision to mark that day on our calendar and add you guys to our prayer list. Good luck and God Bless!
Shelley said…
That is awesome news! Yay God!
Oh, congratulations - that's awesome news! I hope everything goes well with the appt. and you can get the diagnosis that you need in order to get him the help that he needs.
Anonymous said…
Your thoroughness was a major contribution. It is wonderful to learn of professionals handling cases with their hearts open to the special circumstances of each child and family.

Your story is spreading the blessing.

G. on the Coast
Chris said…
Congrats Tara, that is such good news. isn't it nice when God takes care of things in such an amazing way.
Katherine said…
That is so wonderful to hear, I am glad to hear that will be all done before you move! God is Good!!
Amanda Daybyday said…
YAY!!!!!!! I'm SO glad for you. Extra stress to add to the move...bit it's good stress, hey?
Mommy Cracked said…
I'm so thrilled your appointment got moved up! I will be praying for you all.
Nessa said…
That's awesome news! I'm so happy for you!
ChristiS said…
Tara, this brings tears to my eyes!! God IS so good!! And He works for the good of those who LOVE HIM! I am so thankful FOR you, and continue to pray that this leads to the 'official diagnosis' so that your sweet child can get what he needs!
Saucy said…
Hey I just found your blog via SaskBloggers.... are you in Saskatoon? My daughter has Asperger's and we were diagnosed on our first visit to the specialist with no wait, although it was a late diagnosis because she has some other developmental delays.

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