please please please just SIT DOWN!!!

Oh. My. Word.

Tonight my children drove me CRAZY.


We are staying in a hotel which is quite nice for us and we have enjoyed it. But they are refinishing something or other in the pool area so the pool is closed today.


We have been using the pool as all manner of activity and bribery for our children the whole time we have been here.

So tonight we were attempting to eat supper and visit a little bit and all the kids did the whole time was run up and down the hallway being loud and obnoxious and definitely NOT listening.

Even Olivia.

I am CERTAIN the employee at the front desk now thinks we are the worst parents in the world and have the most dreadfully disobedient children on the face of the planet. Lovely.

In their defense I know it has been a long few days for them with lots of new things and lots of changes.

But still. Do they HAVE to go nuts in public?

Tomorrow we start our drive home... the boys have said several times tonight "I HATE that STINKIN' VAN!! And I do NOT want to be in it ALL DAY LONG!!"

I have assured them they will survive :)

The question is really will WE survive with our sanity still intact?


Gail Hickok said…
lol I am sure you will survive but sanity is so over rated anyways.
Well hopefully the weather is good for your drive home today. Let them run around like mad for 10-15 minutes when you stop for gas/bathrooms/food and hopefully that helps get their craziness out. Good luck!!
Amanda Daybyday said…
Hugs! Parenting in public is one of the hardest things in the world. I hope you had a good time and I can't wait to hear all about it! Wishing you a safe trip home and perhaps a sense of calm for at least a couple hours? And of course, a working van.
Love you!
Kelly said…
the worst part about it is you know those employees were thinking "why don't they just control their kids". well, anyone who is a mother knows that it's just not that simple. it's out of your hands and you feel helpless. i'm with you, mama! hang in there!
Damselfly said…
Aw, too bad about the pool! I hope it will be open for the rest of your stay.
Anonymous said…
I love the pic of Olivia holding Aiden's foot. They all look somewhat resigned to the trip. Owen looks a bit RED IN THE CHEEK (how's that for a name?). Can't wait to see you all. Praying for you. Love, Mom

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