Our heroes!

We have arrived safely at our destination thanks to our wonderful friends Jon & Becky! They managed to procure the parts we needed from a closed shop in our town because they knew the owner. Then they drove all the way to where we were stranded with the parts needed to fix our van then Jon spent 5 or 6 hours fixing our van with Doug while sweet Becky helped me entertain three crazy kids in the hotel room... then the poor people had to drive all the way home again!!!

So thank-you Jon & Becky for rescuing us!! We love you guys and are SO very thankful :)

We drove for 11 ish hours today and are pretty tired... it has been quite the day. My family is all peacefully sleeping and I really need to be too but I wanted to let you all know we are safe and sound and we have wonderful friends :)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Now those are some GREAT friends! Hope your weekend goes well.
Amanda said…
God is faithful! And friends like that are hard to find but when you do keep them and thank God for them! So glad to hear you are there. Now have a great time!
Shelley said…
That is wonderful that your friends helped you! Glad you made it safe and sound to your destination :o).
I'm sorry I couldn't come help, but even sorrier I wasn't praying or emailing my support :-( We had our internet hooked up but only brought part of our computer to the new house--until today. I am so sorry about the trip, thrilled you have such good friends and dying to know the things I always want to know...

Aiden any better?

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