OH the puking!! Somebody PLEASE make it STOP!

Poor sweet Olivia has spent a good portion of her day puking... all over me. I am so blessed.

I have a thing about bodily fluids. I hate them all. Saliva? gross. Pee? nasty. Snot? icky. Puke? the very worst of all. My stomach just churns even thinking about it. I always find it a wee bit miraculous that I am able to hold a puking child, clean them off, clean everything else off, clean myself off...all without losing the contents of my stomach.

A long time ago (6 years ago to be exact) Aiden was 10 months old and I was in my first trimester of pregnancy with Owen. Aiden got the stomache flu in a big bad way. Everything was coming out of both ends in a hurry. And I was incredibly nauseous due to the fabulous pregnancy hormones racing through my system. I spent one whole day sitting/laying on blankets on the living room floor with Aiden. He would puke. I would puke. Then I would throw everything in a garbage bag, put a new blanket on the floor, collapse and start all over. That really sucked.

This is not as bad as that. Thank-you Jesus.

Olivia and I have spent a fair amount of time showering the puke OFF of ourselves though since I truly can't handle that smell for very long.

She even managed to puke on me IN the bathtub. Nice eh?

I have her some gravol... and she puked it up. But I am hoping enough got in her system to help her tummy settle a bit. She is asleep now. And I am praying for a puke free night.

I am also praying this is an Olivia-specific nightmare that does NOT pass on to the rest of us.



jceko77 said…
I hope and pray your daughter is well soon:)
Shelley said…
I have just said a prayer for Olivia. I do hope she is feelng better soon and that no one else gets whatever she has.
Misty said…
aawww. hope she is well soon. **HUGS**
Natalie said…
oh no. i am a sympathy chunker too! ugh. James was up last night puking. I hope none of the rest of us get it. He has been fine today.. i will be praying that no one else at your house gets it and that little olivia gets better fast!
awww poor baby! I hope she feels better by the morning!

Yep, I'd be puking with her! I throw up so easily my DH makes fun of me.
Chris said…
its my first time here :) i like your site... ill be including you on my blog roll :D
Amanda Daybyday said…
Ugh!!! Oh i HATE puking!!! Hate, hate, hate it. And the worst is that when one get it's, there's a good chance everyone else will too. I sure hope that's not one of those times for you. Stay healthy guys.
Colleen said…
Oh man oh man. Hang in there, girl! That's rough.

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