do I have a replay button?

My goodness I am tired! I had 3 meetings today- 2 over the phone and 1 in person- about my son Aiden. The first was a phone call from a social worker/mental health professional who is working as a school counsellor type lady. She asked me questions for about an hour about Aiden and asked my permission to work with him some at school. Of course she is taking over for a different lady who had asked me all the same questions previously but apparently was unable to leave the new lady any information at all... or the new lady didn't read the answers... or just wanted to check if anything had changed in the past 2 months. Whatever.

The second was a phone call from another mental health type professional lady trying to put together a team of people to meet about Aiden as part of the disabilities consultant stuff... obviously even after a full hour of talking to her I am not entirely sure what it is she does... but she is coming to our house to meet with me next week. Perhaps I'll figure it out then.

The third mental health professional type lady came to our house for about an hour and asked me dozens and dozens of questions about Aiden to assess his eligibility for extra funding of some kind. I also have no idea what that all entails. But I answered all her questions anyway.

AND I cleaned my house.

By the time all that was done I could have gone to bed right then. Unfortunately the day was nowhere near over.

Aiden thanked me for cleaning the house when he got home from school. Really, he did! He said "wow... why does this place look so nice?" and I said "because I cleaned it" and he said "THANKS mom!".

I was partly very pleased that he even noticed and partly disturbed that he noticed at all... it's not like our house is THAT bad the rest of the time... I DO clean regularly... really!

Anyway, you wouldn't believe how exhausting it is to answer questions about your child for 3 hours straight. I'm all done.

The crazy part is that it is essentially the SAME questions asked OVER and OVER and OVER again. It makes me wonder why they all can't just get together and ask me the questions all at once so I only have to answer them once. Or maybe I could just come up with a replay button of some sort.

But no.

Apparently it is impossible for the different organizations in our lives to co-ordinate in any way.

But hey, at least it is done now.

Until next week that is.


Amanda Daybyday said…
I feel a little like a broken record everytime we see someone for Finny too. Yeesh. I'm glad you're getting help, my friend!
shoz said…
Ah yes the great grinding wheels of progress. It does imply that something is happening finally and that somewhere in the not so distant future you will have qualified professionals to go to with questions about how to make homework fun. I guess that should be some small light at the end of this tunnel.
That sounds exhausting. Hopefully there are no more repeat questions for a LONG time!
kailani said…
What a very taxing way to spend the day. I'm so sorry you had to go through all that.

But I hear you about the same questions being asked over and over again by different people.
Nessa said…
It is so crazy how these people cannot share information! I especially love filling out all the same information on form after form for mental health people and doctors' offices! fun!

Glad you managed to accomplish so much! Aiden thanking you for cleaning the house reminded me of my son coming home at one point last week and telling me it looks really greaty in here mom. I'm thinking is it normally really gross? lol

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