Advice anyone?

hiya folks

I am looking for some advice today.

As most of you know we got home from our trip yesterday and now we are trying to catch up with life again!

Part of that catching up means Aiden has some school work to catch up on.

Aiden HATES doing homework. Hates it.

Anyone have any suggestions about how I can make it better for him???

Owen likes doing homework (of course... since he doesn't have any to do!) so I have some little workbooks I give him to do while Aiden works. Olivia colours. But Aiden still hates doing it. Even with me sitting right there with him helping him.

He just gets so easily frustrated. I realize this is not just a homework thing- he gets frustrated at school too- but I really don't know how to make the homework he regularly gets easier for him to do.

I am definitely open to suggestions! Please keep in mind that Aiden is my 6 year old with Asperger Syndrome so he doesn't respond like the typical child, but he is very intelligent so it is not an academic problem.

So bring it on all you experienced moms and homeschooling divas!!! I'm all ears!


Gail Hickok said…
Wow, that is a tough one. I guess the most obvious suggestion would be to try and make a game out of it(but I am sure you have already thought of that one). When Abby has a big task such as cleaning her bedroom to do it helps her if I brake it up into smaller more manageable pieces, with very clear instructions ie Abby, I want you to pick up all your stuffed animals and then find me. It seems to help if big this are made into a bunch of small accomplishments. Not sure if that helps or not, when she does school stuff at home she gets a sticker on a chart for every so many pages or problems or whatever, then her reward is something in the form of quality fun time with mom or dad. hth and good luck
Shelley said…
Wish I could help you. I, too, was thinking of trying to make a game out of it.
Hey Tara

First of all welcome back ~ my first thought was make a game of it bit the biggest part is do it in small sections. Do some take a break, do some take a break, maybe find a quick activity that he likes in-between to fill the breaks. Don't try to sit down and do a marathon it just won't work. He will just get upset and then nothing will be done but I know you already know that. Gook Luck!
Amber said…
Oh man do I feel your pain! Elijah absolutely hated homework. I mean fits of rage & tears flying kind of hate..That was grade 1 & 2. We still haven't exactly figured out his issue but I'm still leaning toward the bi-polarism. At any rate the pediatrician told us to get him Omega 3-6-9 supplements STAT as they help the brain focus better and should make the whole concentration thing much easier. What can I say...IT WORKS! NO more homework battles..and he's bringing home less work because he is finishing his work quicker at school too! :-)
This is a tough one and the other comments had fantastic suggestions! My son hates doing homework, too, and my husband and I have agreed not to bribe him with things, like toys.

We developed a plan that seems to work: First, we get a list of what he needs to do; second, we assign chunks of it; third, we try to combine the subject he loves with the ones he struggles in; fourth, if he gets all of it done, we get him to pick his fav place to eat!

Since he's suspected of having attention deficit disorder, we make him go on the internet and check out restaurants and evaluate each one on paper. This really helps to build his attention span and develop research skills.

Here's a list of kid-friendly restaurants that my son searches from:

Take good care!
Amber said…
p.s. I forgot to tell you that our Pediatrician suspects Elijah is a future miraine sufferer. He said many of the bi-polar symptoms we see in him are common in migraine prone people too. Isn't that crazy? I thought you might find that interesting.
PamperingBeki said…
I have no knowledge of Aspergers, so please forgive me if I'm way off base. :)

I think I'd try to have him do it in small segments. Maybe something like working for 5 minutes, play for 5 minutes, work for 5 more, play for 5 more. Something like that.

Or for every 3 (or 5, whatever) problems he completes, he gets 10 minutes of something he likes - video games, reading, Spongebob, whatever. :)

About the necklace, I'm so glad it made it there safely! Sorry it took so long, but I *always* follow through! Haha!
shoz said…
I don't really have any valid advice except hang in there buddy. Just keep reminding yourself that you will get through this and find a way to help him through too. I know Aiden is a brilliant kid and he can figure this out. Just try to stay calm and i find when working with my girls with autism if I am really calm and constantly reassuring then it helps. I know some people don't like the whole idea of reward systems, but bottom line they work. Not saying you have to give him new stuff all the time but he can choose his favorite snack or you can spend 5 or 10 min of just mommy and Aiden time or whatever. Hope things are good otherwise.

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