The Day I Talked to Janice of 5 Minutes for Mom On the Phone for the First Time

I just want to tell you all about an amazing lady I "met" over the phone today.

Her name is Janice.

She is a famous blogger and she is cool.

She is one of the incredible twin moms who run 5 Minutes for Mom. Yep, that's right... the site that kajillions of moms read every day? Ya.

Wanna know why she called?

To check and see if I had received the prize I won from 5 Minutes for Mom.

How's that for some amazing follow-up? And honestly? It took me at LEAST a full minute to believe that it was really HER calling ME. It's not like I get phone calls from famous blogging people very often... or ever!

So ya, I think you all should head on over to 5 Minute for Mom and tell them how awesome they are. Even famous bloggers need to know we appreciate them once in awhile!

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Mommy Cracked said…
Wow! That is seriously cool! The ladies at 5 Minutes for Mom rock!

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