What? Christmas? Already?

Did you know it is only 10 days until Christmas?

It's true.

Did you know it is ALSO only 10 days until my 33rd birthday?


Did you know I am completely NOT ready for Christmas? Or my birthday for that matter.

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE and ADORE Christmas. I really really do. But the last week and half of bronchitis-fest here at my house has left me feeling a wee bit... um... scrambled.

My house is in shambles because Doug and I have been too sick to keep up. Even now that I am feeling a bit better I still have a VERY clingy daughter. Aiden is pretty well recovered which is a huge relief. Poor Owen is still rather sick though. The wind and cold weather sure aren't helping him. His ears ache and he coughs up a lung with each blast of winter air.

Olivia? Has been waking up literally DOZENS of times each night. Even with me sleeping RIGHT BESIDE HER she wakes up and screams like she has been abandoned to the wolves or something. Last night she actually sat up and cried and flailed around to the point where I actually had to GET UP and walk her until she calmed down. I haven't had to do that since she was a baby.

Speaking of Olivia not being a baby... OLIVIA IS NOT A BABY ANYMORE? When the HECK did that happen? Who gave HER permission to act like a two year old???


Anyway, the point is I am feeling a wee bit on the overwhelmed side. I should be making lists of what to do instead of writing blog posts. But that, my friends, is the beauty of a blog. It is an absolutely delightful way to avoid cleaning your home! Three cheers for blogging!

10 more sleeps people.


Amanda Daybyday said…
Hip hip hooray!
Hip hip hooray!
Hip hip horray!

My home would be so much cleaner were it not for blogging.

I'm just barely feeling ready for Christmas, but I know I have a lot of loose ends to tidy up...which is made a little more difficult with the -40 weather. Ugh.

I'm glad you're feeling better and hope Olivia starts sleeping better soon.

Natalie said…
i need elf #432 and #236 to come to my house and wrap presents. agh. i hope everyone in your house is well for your birthday and christmas.

okay, now only 9 more 'after beds' until our Birthdays!!!
Here here! Blogging is an excellent way to procrasinate and avoid housework!!
Robyn said…
I <3 you. Give me a call if you need a break, or if I can do anything for you guys.
Running mommy said…
Well if it's any comfort: Christmas will come whether you make your lists of clean your house or not!

Isn't that a relief?!
There's something else we should be doing other than blogging?
And you're a Christmas baby???? Did I know that last year?? That makes two really terrific people I know of born on that day.

Sending you warm hugs, virtual chicken soup and an ear anytime you need it.

xo Hugs ox

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