It's just too much

My sweet boy Aiden is sick again.

Common cold + playing outside in freezing cold weather + asthma = sick little boy struggling to breath normally.

I hate asthma.

I hate THE cough. The cough that indicates my son is struggling to take a deep breath.

I hate that when we see the doctor he says "well, he's not wheezy so it's probably just croup".

Our asthma specialist says that Aiden's croupy coughing IS his asthma. It means he is having an asthma attack.

Of course our asthma doctor is 3.5 hours away. Not so useful.

Anyway, I would really appreciate your prayers for Aiden. Asperger's Syndrome is PLENTY for him to be dealing with right now without piling brutal Asthma and chronic croup on top. In the past 5 hours Aiden has told me he is scared that he can't breath, he is scared that he will stop breathing and he said "I don't want to die mommy".

THAT is how real it feels to him. And you know what? I have asthma too and it DOES feel like you can't get any air and you are going to die. No child should EVER have to deal with vivid fears like that.

So please pray for my son.



Bebemiqui said…
Hey, I'm lifting you up tonight :0)
Judy said…
I will pray for Aiden.

And you, my friend.
Oh Tara

Your post brought tears to my eyes. I do pray for your sweet little boy and that he will get well soon!
praying already...
bonobo said…
I'm sorry to hear that. I'm sending healing vibes and love your way.
Anonymous said…
I will carry Aiden and all of you in my heart amd my prayers. Tough time; you take care of yourself so you have something to give.

Love, G. on the Coast
Natasha said…
Your little sweetheart and family are in our prayers. You already have so much to deal with, may this burden (and others) be lifted quickly. Stay strong!
Lindsey said…
Praying for him today! I'm so sorry... I can't even imagine what that's like.

God bless,

Lindsey said…
Just wanted to add -

Be encouraged to stay strong and keep praying! :-)
Absolutely Tara. And I'm only an email away if you need a "break".
Cascia said…
I will keep your son in my prayers.
Anonymous said…
my prayers are with your son !
Sharla said…
I stumbled across your blog this morning and can relate to many of your posts. We have a son who is almost seven who has Asperger's and it was about a year ago that we realized what it was and that he had it (it took longer of course to get the official diagnosis) and one of our daughters (she just turned seven) has very severe asthma as well as a cognitive disorder - it seems so unfair that she should have both. Anyway, I will pray for your son's asthma as I know what a scary thing that is as well as for your family in facing his diagnosis and being able to best help him.

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