The World is just Amazing

This has been a bit of a rough weekend because that discovery channel commercial totally made me tear up.

ya. emotions are just fabulous.

Anyway, Aiden's life has managed to get a little more difficult for him. He developed a freaky facial tic as a side effect of one of the meds that he is on. His whole mouth and jaw and nose would twitch noticeably. Scary. So we took him to the doctor and the doctor took him off of ALL of his meds. So now we get to do withdrawal.

He is just bouncing off the walls today. But it is SO not his fault.

I wasn't sure about putting him on the second med (concerta) and now I know why. The moral of the story? Mommy should listen to her gut and acknowledge God trying to tell her something no matter how many other voices say it's no big deal.

I suspect we will go back on the first med (respiridone) once Aiden's system has cleared out. He was doing really well on that one. The 2nd one seemed to be helping too- sometimes. But mostly it sucked. So we won't do that again.

The tic has mostly gone away which I am so grateful for. Thank God.

I'm exhausted.

But as cheesy as it is I am so darn thankful for all blessings in my life right now. Including my great kids... and the whole world too.


Amanda Daybyday said…
Can't underestimate that mommy gut thing.

Love you and still praying.
My heart and prayers are with you!
It will work out.
Hang in there

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