Weekly Winners- Halloween Edition

Kailani is hosting a post- halloween costume picture contest and so I will enter this first lovely picture of Olivia in her horse costume... to enter and see more cool pics go to An Island Life.


Daddy trying to convince Olivia to wear her costume. Aiden being a "cool racecar dude"

"See, I'm not screaming mom. I LIKE my costume!"


"Seriously, you're really not going to take this thing off me are you?"

"Fine. I'll wear it. But I won't smile."
"Soooo... what you are saying is that if I wear this dreadful costume and walk up to our neighbour's houses they will give me CANDY???"
"Fine. I'll do it. But I won't wear that dumb hat. "

"What if someone SEES me in this hideous ensemble? "
"You people are all very weird. I'm just going to walk away and pretend I don't know you. "

Batman Owen shows off his pumpkin...Batman Owen loves trick or treating.

Batman Owen learns that it is vital not to ride ones bicycle with a cape on. It gets caught in the wheels. Which is not cool.

Batman Owen decides he is safer being "just Owen".

"SUCCESS!!! I have FREED myself of the awful costume! In celebration I shall show you all my excellent balancing skills."

And one final picture... I babysat a friend's girls today which meant there were six kids in my living room... Ages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Impressive eh? (Well... technically Olivia isn't quite two but she will be in a month!) The boys were less than impressed with the four girls' choice of game.

For more weekly winners go to SarcasticMom.com!


Liripoop said…
I'm always fascinated by what a big deal Americans make of Halloween, it's lots of fun to look at all the pictures. Even the 'rebellious' ones.
tiff said…
I love the captions that go with the pics. Too funny and too cute.
The girls look like they were quite civilised. Well done!
kailani said…
Oh, poor thing! She really looked unhappy . . . but still so cute!
connie said…
Cute pics~even though Olivia was upset about her costume! ♥ the way you told the story~very creative ;)
hip chick said…
great pictures and story lines. Very cute kiddies.
Vicky said…
Nice set. It is so hard to get the little ones to keep their costumes on. #6 was my favorite.
Oh My Gosh, her screaming in the costume was classic. Great memories there!
cady said…
the pictures of olivia are so cute, and your captions are just perfect.
Great captions to go with the photos!!
Anonymous said…
Oh shampies man!!!!!

She clearly didnt want that costume! Very cute!
Dawn said…
This was a wonderful post. I loved all your captions! :-)
Kerry said…
Those pictures of Olivia and her costume are priceless! They will be great memories some day.
Punk Rock Mom said…
ohh poor baby. Next year she will love dressing up!
Elaine A. said…
I love that picture of her walking away in her costume! So cute!

And you are BRAVE to watch all those kids yourself! ; )
ComfyMom~Stacey said…
I love the photos of her in the costume! I have one who only used to tolerate his at best, though he has changed his mind recently.
laura said…
I like this one best, poor kiddo not wanting to be a lion, or in a costume.
Donna said…
ahh... poor baby. Is it wrong of me to find that whole series way funny? (By the way, generally I see that screaming, crying, get-this-hideous thing-off-me-now fit at the portrait studio... )
Sarcastic Mom said…
Dude, this totally just made me feel better about hanging out at the house with Braden eating candy.

She is adorable though, even mad!
She is so cute! Even angry.
Judy said…
Oh, Tara. Such adorable kids you have. The not smiling animal is just too too cute!
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