The Terrible Twos?


She LOOKS cute and innocent.

But already this morning she has broke a Baby Einstein dvd in half, spilled 2 cups of juice on the carpet, and broke the head off of the wise man. Yesterday she broke Joseph's arm off.

Olivia turns 2 in 10 days... I think she is just practising up.


It's too bad about the wise man, and juice in the carpet is simply horrid, but I think that a careful examination of the historical record will demonstrate that it is impossible to prove that Joseph was not actually a one-armed-man, so there's an upside in this I think :).
dags said…
LOL! poor ol' amputated joseph and the decapitated wiseman. you know, there is a lesson to be learned here...we know that we are not perfect and we may feel that we cannot come to Christ if we are not whole...but God accepts our worship no matter what state we're in. ok, i's a long shot.

on a morbid note, this picture reminds me of the first season of "dexter"...ew!
Mistress Meeyee said…
My niece is just now one and she can rip our house apart and break anything even if you think it's out of her reach.We worry about her turning two!
Oh Tara, thank you for the good laugh today! Maybe you aren't ready to laugh about it yet, but I really appreciated Colin's remarks about proving Joseph was or wasn't a one-armed man. Priceless!

Ahh, today my "innocent" girls painted my duvet cover (didn't think to take a picture in the middle of the crisis), and played with scissors in various ways that they shouldn't have. Aren't they fun?!?
tere said…
This is the time when our patience must be extended long and wide. My son who'll turn two in January is already doing things that tested my patience.
Hey Tara

Well it would seem that man was not wise if he just hung out so a 2yr old could beat him up?!?!

I never believed in terrible twos, I think it is when they are three. Mine were lucky to live to see four. At two they are just learning how things work and that you can't rip Jesus' arms off or it upsets mom. But at three they know better :o)
ChristiS said…
Oh, you already know, the threes ain't a picnic either! Good luck, hon!
I'm sure it is very wrong that I laughed quite loudly when I saw the poor wiseman and old Joseph, but looking at her and then seeing her handiwork was just too much for me!
Amanda Daybyday said…
oh me, oh my!
relimom said…
Great picture and story! When you look at that sweet face you can't imagine her doing anything naughty!

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