so there you have it

We had parent-teacher interviews today and it was tough. We were asked to take Aiden home for lunch from now on which we agreed to do but stresses me out- it means I will have to walk to and from the school 8 times per day with Olivia bundled up in below zero weather. And of course Owen will have to come home too since it's just not fair for him otherwise.

Good thing we live close to the school. But it is still going to thoroughly suck when it is -30 degrees.

And it really screws up my ability to be ANYWHERE other than at home ALL day EVERY day.


They did say they have seen some positive changes in Aiden since school started and he is doing ok academically. Of course they also said he could do so much better if only he really tried. I still question whether or not it is even an issue of "effort". I really think it takes most of his effort simply to BE in the classroom. I honestly believe that most of the time he probably IS doing his best... or at least trying anyway.

They told us that he pretty much always has to have someone sit beside him in order to get any work out of him- he won't work independantly.

They encouraged us to give the new medication that the doctor suggested a try.

It makes me feel sad but Doug and I talked about it and think we will probably try it for a month. We've done a lot of research and found that these two particular meds are often paired together in autism/asperger's kids so it is not unusual.

The pharmacist assured me that we could take him off immediately if we saw any disturbing side effects so that's good.

I have more forms to fill out to send in to the Disabilities Consultant. I always feel slightly afraid that they are just going to look at us and say we don't qualify for any help. That Aiden isn't high needs enough. That it is all just in my head.


Oh, and before I forget several of you have been suggesting dietary changes for Aiden and I just want to reassure you all we are already on it. I assure you we are doing the best we can and we are very well informed about the various options. But thanks for your concern. We appreciate any support and prayers you can give us at this point!

On the up side the interview with Owen's teacher went just fine and Owen is doing great. Yay for Owen!!

And now we have 4 whole days off of school for the Remembrance Day weekend.


Heather said…
that'll stink for you having to walk back and forth in the cold! But, I will be praying for you!
Hey Tara

Is it possible to maybe have one of the older kids in the school sit with him for lunch that way you are not tracking him and the others back and forth, especially in the cold winter? Maybe you can offer one of the Gr 6,7 or 8 kids(if the school goes that high) a bit of money to watch him?

I am sure you have had advice from a ton of people and I hope you don't think I am over stepping my place but ~ Please look into Efalex. It is a Herbal. ( Decide if maybe that might be an alternative to the poison meds that the teachers want him on.

I used if for my boy and it was amazing. I was in your shoes when he was about 7 and it just did not feel right to drug my kid to the max. This only seems to work in boys and it does take about 6-8 weeks before you see results. But the results are amazing!

I hope whatever you and hubby decide is right for all of you and works for Aiden ~ gives you a smile inside.

Hang in there!
I am keeping you in my prayers.
Bebemiqui said…
So glad that things seem to be moving for...wish they were easier (or that global warming would make your walk more pleasant).
Tanya said…
Just checking in to encourage you!
Anonymous said…
Praying for you today!

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