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But I am finally organized.

I think it might even have been worth it.

Ok, so I'm not ENTIRELY organized but my desk space (which happens to be in the corner of the living room) is organized.

The crazy thing is that after moving almost every single piece of furniture around in the entire living room... in the end? Only my desk is in a different spot... and the NEW spot is only about a foot different than the OLD spot.


But I washed baseboards.

And walls.

And I did all my piled up filing.

And my daughter dumped an entire container of fruity cheerios all over my freshly vacuumed floor.

And I went to the school and listened to kids read for an hour and I enjoyed it.

And I cleaned the kitchen. But it is dirty again now.

And I talked on the phone to my dear friend Nancy whom I have known for 15 years. I love her. It sucks to have my friends scattered across the country! But thank God for cheap long distance! Remember when it used to cost $ 20 for a 5 minute phone call??

My baby turns 2 in 2ish weeks. TWO!!!! I don't think I'm ready for her to be two yet.

Owen has had a fever for the past two days... except when the tylenol is working. But tylenol makes him hyper. So I tried Advil. It also makes him hyper. So does Motrin. So tonight we are tying Triaminic. So far so good.

Aiden had a pretty decent day today I think. He liked me visiting his class but it was a good thing I did it at the very end of the day... he would've freaked out if I had left before he did. I filled out an "Asperger's evaluation form" today for him. His teacher will do one as well. Then the Educational Psychologist will do whatever it is she does and then I guess we get a quasi-diagnosis.

Aiden has his first appointment with the occuapational therapist on monday. Then the pediatrician on tuesday. I don't think I realized how many appointments special needs kids have. I wonder if they get sick of it. I wonder if it bothers Aiden to miss school. I wonder if he realizes he is different. Or if he does realize it ... does he care? I don't know.

Aiden and Owen fought like mad things this afternoon. I seriously considered tossing them both in a snowbank. Luckily for them I was too tired from moving couches around.

At one point Olivia put a step stool in front of the TV and stood on it... the boys were SOOOO mad that she was standing right in front of their show. Owen kept saying "Olivia Joy... get down from there" in his best imitation of me. Aiden just kept poking her in the back until she got annoyed and started crying. She didn't move though. Tough chick. Of course then he just picked her up and dropped her unceremoniously on the floor which she found most annoying. Ah the joy of being the youngest.

Ok. It is past midnight. I must sleep. Night.


Colleen said…
What a day.

And why is it that no matter how often and how much we clean, the house is still messy like 20 minutes later??? argh.
Robyn said…
Hehe, I miss you!!
Manic Monday said…
I LOVE your cute site and i am jealous of your living room! have a great day!
Amanda Daybyday said…
You seem good, Tara. You seem really good. I'm glad (if I'm right).
And I remember when before Brian and I got married we were spending over $200/month on long distance. Yuck.
And I wonder how much Will minds being different and if he cares too.
And our girls have gotta be tough...they've got 2 big brothers to stand up to.
Cascia said…
Wow, Tara sounds like you had a busy day. I also have three kids and stay home with them so I understand. I've been there.
Now I'm tired. I guess if you get up at dawn and stay up until midnight you can get a few things done, huh? Not sure I like the idea... :-)
I can't believe Olivia let you do all of that organizing!

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