Hope? Finally Someone Listened!


In my last post I mentioned that I have been calling dozens of different people over the past several months (years really) trying to find some help for my son and for our family and the school. I have been largely unsuccessful. We ARE on a waiting list for an assessment centre that is fabulous but that is at least another 10 months away.

Well, this morning I got a phone call back from one of the MANY places I've called. The call was from a Disability Consultant and she thinks she can help us!!! YAHOOOOO!!! If I owned a cowboy hat I'd be tossing it in the air in celebration and doing a happy dance!

She is going to send me some forms to fill out and then once we get accepted into her program (she seemed to think we would) she will come out and meet with Aiden and with us. Then she will give us suggestions on how to navigate this dreadful system. If the school lets her she will also go into the school and observe Aiden and then give suggestions as to how to best help him! And to top it all off she said she might be able to help us get some extra funding for some not-covered stuff!


It'll take several weeks for anything to happen but I'm so glad there is hope!

We went to the pediatrician this morning and he suggested trying a different med with Aiden since the school doesn't think his present med is helping him. We'll see.

Moral of the story? Phoning people and being a general pain in the butt DO get you somewhere! Good to know.


the Doug said…
Pain in the butt? I didn't know you could be that to someone. really.
Katherine said…
I am so happy you guys! It sounds like this lady will help put Aiden on the right track. I will continue praying for you as you go through this next step.
That is great news!!
Heather said…
That's awesome news!! I am very happy for you!
el Maggie said…
Several weeks is better than several months. Rejoice!
Colleen said…
How encouraging, Tara! This is really good news. ♡
Oh what awesome news - congrats on being persistent and getting someone to finally help! :)
Anonymous said…
Another step, let's hope it's a breakthrough.

Your persistence is helping get attention for all the children who need help.

Hope lightens the load.

G. on the Coast
kailani said…
That's great news! Hey, when it comes to your kids welfare, there's no such thing as being a pain in the butt. :-)
Who Hoot! Congrats on your persistence!!
And congrats to your Blurb winners too !
Amanda said…
It's awesome that you have a glimpse of hope. I find that looking for the positive in life helps me keep smiling and really enjoying life.
kelle said…
That's great news!
Jennifer said…
That's wonderful! And what a fantastic mom you are for doing all that!
debrowns said…
Hey Tara,

so excited and hopeful with you after reading this post.

Hey Tara

Way-to-go!! I hope it all works out for him and you. Only thing is please don't ask the school ~ You march right in there girl and you tell them you are having the Aid come in! Remember it is always easier to beg for forgivness then permission!

This is your baby and your right to get him help. And you tell them if they don't like it SoccerMom from Stoney Creek is on her way to change their minds! LoL

Good Luck ~ keep us posted
Anonymous said…
Natalie said…
oh, i will hope and pray with you that they will be able to help.
Margaret said…
Way to go Tara. You are a terrific Mom and I am so proud of you for GETTING THIS DONE!! Well done. I continue to pray that a change will come from all your persistance.
Wonderful news! So encouraging.

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