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Ok... so today I made a bunch of phone calls to people in our province that deal with learning disabilities and autism stuff. I am trying to find out how to get some help for my son and some suggestions for ways his teachers can help him (the school asked me for suggestions).

SO I call the learning disabilities association. They didn't really have any suggestions since we have no official diagnosis.

SO next I call the Autism Services people. They were FABULOUSLY helpful until they realized that we don't live in their health region. The woman said "oh, I'm so sorry... what we can do is limited since you aren't in our health region but we could maybe give you some ideas over the phone". So I ask who to call in MY health region. She says "oh... ya... we are the only centre in Saskatchewan. There is no one in your region. I'm sooooo sorry... I know it's ridiculous but our hands are tied".

SO I call our local health region. I say "Hi. I was just talking to the Autism Services people and they told me they can't help me because I am not in their region. SO I am calling you to find out who to call in OUR region".

The secretary stammered around a few times and then said "oh... um... well... maybe so-and-so can help you but she is out of town for a few days but how about I put you through to her voice mail".


I am feeling distraught about Aiden because we got his report card. Basically he did fine academically and abysmally poorly in the effort/attention/appropriate behaviour/social skills end of things.

I think maybe the school feels like Aiden isn't really making any effort.

But I think he is putting a phenomenal amount of energy and effort into being "good" at school.

Our good friend and occupational therapist once told me to imagine tensing every single muscle in my body and then staying that way for 6 hours straight and trying to function normally at the same time. THAT is how it feels to be my son. It takes incredible effort for him just to sit in his chair and try to do what he is told.

I just want to give him credit for doing the best he can. Because I really think he IS doing the best he can the vast majority of the time. He doesn't act the way he does just to be a jerk. He acts that way because he doesn't know how to act any other way, he simply doesn't function the same way most of us do.

My poor kid.

Anyway, I am going to keep phoning people and pestering people until we can get some help. Eventually someone has to let us in.



Oh Tara, that has got to be so frustrating! Like that your kids are entitled to better care if you live over an imaginary line somewhere on a map? Ugh. I hope that you can find someone to listen to you - and kudos to you for pestering and phoning people until that happens. Your son is so lucky to have you for a mom to look out for him.
That sucks, Tara. I'm sorry.
Barbara said…
Hi, Tara, I came here from 5mfsn. I want to give supportive suggestions, but I am not in Canada, so just skip this if it does not fit your school system.

If he is in special education, ask for accommodations - esp for the most challenging situations. I'm sure the OT could help you narrow down to 3 things that would just make school-life easier for Aiden.

Accommodation - accepting a difference, not trying to correct it or him or make he behave in a manner abnormal to himself.
Keely said…
Yes, unfortunately, that is EXACTLY what you have to do. My friends middle child is also undiagnosed, but has symptoms of autism (as well as symptoms of ADHD). She had to crawl up everybody's butt for almost two years before she could get him the attention he needed, but she did and he's doing great. Just keep at it.
Nessa said…
Oh Tara! I know how frustrating this can be. Ashley has a diagnosis, but no doctors around here are familiar with her condition, so noone really knows what to do. I understand how aggravating this is!

Just keep making calls and beating on doors until someone helps you. Y'all will be in my prayers.
Jesica said…
I can't imagine how frustrating this all must be! What a great description though... I couldn't imagine functioning with my muscles tensed up all day long. I hope you find some help for your son soon!
Kristy said…
Good luck to you...that has to be frustrating!
Okay Tara

This is where you pick-up the phone and start calling your MP, your MPP, the Premier's office and the newspapers. That will get you someone in your region!! I know how broken our system is and how frustrating it is to get help but once you start rocking the boat real hard these bone heads take notice because all of a sudden you are not the only one and they don't want to have to deal with 10 mom's in your boat!!

Good Luck
My thought and prayers are with you.

Btw ~ Do not take that from the school. If you are getting jacked around by them start going up the ladder. The teacher said, the principal said and that is not what you need to hear to help Aiden then you go to the board office start with the superintendant and just go up the food chain, do not stop until you get your help and answer that satisfy you not frustrate you! I wish you were still here in Stoney Creek I would be all over this for you

Hang in there and keep us posted.

Amanda Daybyday said…
I'm proud of you for all you're doing for Aiden and for how you understand him. AND I'm proud of Aiden for how hard he's worked too!

Now...if his teacher and the, er, other people that are supposed to help would share a bit of the effort...

Keep it up!

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