Aiden had psychological testing done today at school.

They told us he scored "high average" on his IQ test.

They also confirmed that he has sensory issues and that he could very well fit in the Asperger's syndrome "category".

Nothing surprising.

We still haven't gotten in to see the Pediatrician. I'm hoping to actually TALK to the man tomorrow. Aiden's tic has gone away (THANK YOU GOD!). It really scared me. Tic is just not a big enough word for what was happening to my baby. His whole little mouth and nose and face would twitch every few seconds. It was darn scary.

His fever and headache has gone away too. He is presently sleeping nicely. So far the withdrawal has not been too bad. He is super hyper but he hasn't been real angry yet which is a wonderful blessing.

He really is a wonderful kid.


Anonymous said…
Every little relief is a blessing in this monunental challenge. I do hope you get more dialogue and information soon.

Love, G. on the Coast
You weren't surprised by his IQ test, were you! He is a wonderful kid, I'm glad the tic has gone away!!!
Jenni Jiggety said…
He is wonderful AND handsome! Good luck talking with the ped!
the Doug said…
@jenni - I hear he looks like his dad.

I can't imagine life without him.
Shelley said…
So glad your little fella is feeling better - and that his tic/twitch is gone! Hopefully you can get into the pediatrician soon!
dags said…
i'm also glad the twitch is gone...that would have been worrisome for sure. i have a little guy with asperger's in my kids program at the church. he is so awesome and sunday school just wouldn't be the same without him! i guess i can't speak for his mom, but i know she get's flustered and defeated sometimes...but the woman has soooo much patience....just like you! you guys are great parents, be encouraged!
kailani said…
I'm glad to hear that he's doing well. It's so hard to be a parent sometimes.
Hey Tara

I can not be happier for you and Aiden!
Prayers are very strong and really work and this proves it!

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