Weekend Festivities

My brother in law Phil and his lovely wife Erica came to visit this weekend to celebrate Thanksgiving and Owen's birthday. They bought pumpkins and carved them with the boys... and incidentally the boys would like to keep the pumpkins in their room indefinitely. We convinced them to put them outside tonight finally!
The boys were thrilled to have their Aunt & Uncle to play with.
I tried several times to get a good picture of Olivia in this beautiful dress we were given... but she refused to pose!

Owen was very excited to open his presents on Sunday morning.

Uncle Phil and Aunt Erica took the boys to the playground...

Olivia tried to eat the biggest carrot I have ever seen in my entire life...
Seriously... is that not the biggest carrot you have ever seen? It was grown by one of our congregation members who gave it to us on Sunday!

Uncle Phil tried (mostly in vain) to watch sports...
Our friend Josiah spent the day with us too. He also happens to be my dear friend Becky's eldest son. He was a very good sport and played with my boys for hours.

It was a fun visit...

and Aunt Erica is very funny in front of a camera!

I spent most of the day today just trying to recover from all the fun!


Natalie said…
wow! that is one very big carrot!!!

reading about all of my Canadian friends celebrating thanksgiving makes me ready to celebrate ours. i can't wait to get together with my family and friends!

my daughter is wanting to carve a pumpkin and we will have to keep it inside until it cools off or it will cook and smell in not time! agh. i'm ready for fall to arrive here!
It looks like a great time! I hope you enjoyed yourself, I know having company can be stressful :-}

(some of those pictures deserve to be on canvas, Tara!)

Happy Thanksgiving.
Holy huge carrot Batman, or transformer man.
Amanda said…
Yeah for family. We had a great Thanksgiving with my husband's family and it was great fun too.
Nessa said…
Whoa Nelly! Now that's a carrot!

Looks like y'all had a blast!

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